Training Camp Report After June 9TH

Believe it or not, attending all TC practices sure gives me a big insight into the ongoings of the 2009 Bombers and i must say I have been impressed by several players and coach Kelly. I know i have knocked Kelly in the past, but watching him interact with the player's on the field one on one or in groups, seems like Kelly has EVERY player on the same page. He is not a mouthy in your face type of coach (like Berry), but if he notices a mistake HE WILL TELL YOU, but not in a mean way, more in a learn from experience kind of way. I think if this team can Gel Quick, we could push for top spot in the East, tons of talent out there and I love what i am seeing so far.

QB'S - Yesterday marked th first appearence from Ritchie Williams and he impressed me big time, from his arm strength to his quick feet, if/when given the opportunity (he is only 26 years old) he can start for this club. Lefors is proving alot of those fans who doubt him WRONG, tememdous accuracy and shows the ability to avoid pressure, looks like he is #1 going into Pre-Season next Wednesday. The big fight is for third string, I love Randall, his arm strength is amazing and his speed is truly awesome, Bryan is a pure and complete athlete and has been very good at camp. BUT do not count out Kilian, even though he is older than Randall, Killian has shown great patience, accuracy and a very good arm. All the QB'S impressed me Yesterday, Killian, Randall and Lefors have been amazing up to this point, count in Ritchie Williams and this QB battle looks great. My projection is Lefors, Williams and Randall (given his one year here and younger age), they might put Killian on the Practice Roster, which i think would be a great idea.

RB'S - As usual Reid looks spectacular running the ball and Smith looks FRESH and also looks in better shape, Thunder and Lightning will be a force to be reconed with. I have also been very impressed with Bernard at RB, looks very quick and strong, but it will be tough to beat out Smith and Reid.

KR/PR/RB - Ramonce Taylor has been truly great in training camp, running the ball, catching the ball and returning kicks. This guy has true speed and grit and could very well make the team as our returner, he is super fast and impressive.

Reciever's - What can i say? EVERY reciever in TC looks focused and ready to play, they are all giving 100% and in my opinion WE HAVE the greatest recievers in the league. Edwards, Armstrong, Bryant, Franklin and Bowman have been spectacular. Do not count out Brock Ralph who made some amazing catches in coverage, Hargreaves size and great hands show why he was drafted, great reciever in the future, hope he sticks around.

FB - Stephenson has outplayed Jon oosterhuis and if the season would start today i would choose Stephenson, one or both will make special teams though.

O-Line - Many people are knocking the o-line - but i must say that this is a SOLID group of player's with great mobility, size and Stregnth, i hope all other teams Underestimate our OLINE because they will be solid and will surprise alot of people.

Defensive Seven - This group looks GREAT, should be no problems on our "D", Our linebackers seem to be the best we have had in a long time with Simpson, Lobedahn, Charlton, Shabazz - The one TC Rookie that has impressed me as a line backer is Tyrone Carter. HB'S look good as well and will be better when/if Lenny Walls signs a contract, he should be a great addition, Shabazz, Amos and Jovon Johnson can all play HB as well. CB'S - This group impresses me more and more every practice, Jovon Johnson, Amos and James Johnson have great speed and also have great awareness, looking good on this side of the ball.

Special Teams - Yesterday was a great day for Serna, i don't recall him missing a field goal and his punting has much improved, maybe Berry was right about Serna (whom practiced in the offseason, while building more leg strength) Hard to judge Gaincola as he has been injured, but will be on the field today. Long snapper is a no-brainer with Cvetkovic.

This edition of Our Bombers looks VERY promising and i feel can make top spot in the East, everyone who doubts that i think are in for a big surprise.

.....Great post bluengold......i agree on a lot of your points.....still a little concerned with the kicking game...and i'd like to see Walls signed for some depth....otherwise bang-on.....On Kelly ...he has impressed me as well with his handling of the players...He has made some tough decisions but appears to be very much in charge and sure knows the direction he wants this club to go....He's kind of an easy going guy ... but can be tough when he needs to be....Great qualities in a coach...There's going to be a few people who have greatly under-estimated Kelly....thinking him to be some kind of 'nutter'....I think they are about to find out he's a very capable coach and one they will have to be wary of in 09.....bring it on....... :wink: :rockin: