Training camp question

Hello Everyone. New to forum, but have a question?
As mentioned the other day by Jones that training camp will begin after Christmas/NewYear, would it be safe to speculate that other CFL teams would follow suit? Knowing the rivalry with all other CFL teams towards the Riders.
Would they not want to also get a jump on there game plan in fear the Riders getting the jump on them?
I also suspect their should be many new faces around camp to fill the holes after yesterdays 19 player release announcement.
I also want to say welcome to the many new coaches announced today. Welcome to RiderNation's Farewell season.

Well, it is not actually training camp, but mini-camps. It is essentially workouts with the club to get a crack at being called to training camp. The team has done this for most years of the past several, and they are becoming fairly common throughout the CFL. There are certain regulations on veteran participation in those, but I know they have changed a bit since I was more familiar with them...a few years back. I will try to bump into someone who is a little more familiar with the rule changes on those an provide an update with a little more info...or perhaps someone else can recall the new terms better than myself...i just don't want to post dated stuff.

Of the 19 players released, there were really only about 4-6 that really had a shot of returning...the others were gone, no way around it. ALL were pending FAs, so they get a couple month jump on finding a new club....some of them were weighted in contract who knows, thye might be back.

It is a dumb regulation in any capacity. If the vets want to join in to shake off rust or stay in game shape then I say all the more power to them. Keep it optional for sure but if they want, go ahead and let them. The only side effect that it could have is their skill attributes get better and the whole league benefits.

Or blow an acl in a freak incident and are done before training camp gets under way.

That can happen in just regular offseason training at anytime or even just with everyday life. Hell I tore my rotator cuff when I was shovelling off the drive way back in the prime years.

Remember Szarka didn't like this thumb and decided to take a couple off with a saw?

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