Training Camp Pics

Some great pics, although a couple seem to be a little out of focus...

Thanks Ro

Great weather to start camp, last year the boys spent the first 10 days indoor ....

New Camera. Canon T1I Still learning the finer points of it.
I should stick to manual focus instead of using the Auto

I never use digital zoom on a DC.


Its an Optical zoom. DSLR
The Auto focus gives 9 points of focus. Sometimes only 4 or 5 light up and none of them are on the spot I want to focus on. I could stop down to a smaller apperature and increase the depth of field but by the time I do that…the shot is gone.

Like I said I gotta learn the finer points of it

Good photos ro, keep it coming.

Got to love guys like Cahoon and Calvillo showing up in awesome shape ! I don’t think I’ve seen Calvillo look this fit since he’s been in the league.

I gotta hand it to the organisation.

Practise open to the public
Free BBQ
Games and activities for the kids
Time set aside for players to shake hands and sign autographs

The games and BBQ were only today but every practise is open to the public and there is always time set aside to meet the players

I'm planning on making a stop next week while I'm in Montreal to pickup my new ride :slight_smile:

Good turnout too, RDS says 1500 people. That's great.

I dont know if you have even been before but it is not in Montreal. Its in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, bout an hour south of Monteal.....Its inside the military base

I was there too, I passed a very nice time and got an interview with Larry Smith (in french).