Training Camp Numbers

From looking at the roster we now have 71 players listed.

We can only bring 68 signed players to T.C. and also our Draft Picks from 2007. (which don't count against the 68)

This means we have to cut at least 3 guys, and that is if we don't sign anyone else.

Who do you see being released:

Pat Fleming

thats crazy! we cant be done signing players. i dont know what their gonna do.

well i think with our linebacker positions i dont know if some of them are giong to make it. Like i mean i like JoJuan Armour and I like Agustin Barrenchea and these newcomers Michael Nattiel and Zeke Moreno look promising along with David Dixon and maybe Ray Mariuz as a backup. I just dont know where Renard Cox or even Rob Hitchcock is going to fit in this situation.

Wayne Shaw didnt have a good year either and i can see him being cut or sent to another team. We have the likes of sandy beveridge or even phillip gauthier. maybe we could try renard cox at safety position or something.

Well How Many People will be Cut After the Psychical.

We had Few Last year see that Door.

Remember Pascal was sent Home.. at 1st
With Mono If I Remember Right..

Plus I think CFL Will Give us some Leway

pretty sure its actually 75 allowed for TC

Each CFL team can carry a maximum of 75 players on its roster during the off-season. With a current roster of 71 players, the Ticats can sign four more players without having to release anybody.

As CFL teams approach training camp, it will get very interesting. Each team can only have 68 players plus current year Canadian draft choices on its roster by the first day of training camp. For example, if training camp started tomorrow, the Ticats would have to release three players to get to the 68 player limit.

One other point of interest is that, several weeks ago, Ken Peters of the Hamilton Spectator reported that this year, for the first time ever, the Ticats will probably hold a rookie camp one week prior to the start of the regular training camp. This would seem to be a "mini-version" of the pre-camp training and selection process used in the NFL. One would guess that a few releases will occur at the end of the rookie camp to pare the roster down to 68 players plus draft choices for the first day of the regular training camp.

And you have to think that the tryout camp the Cats are holding March 25 in Florida will unearth at least one more promising player who will eventually be invited to the big training camp in Hamilton.

The Lions are also attending a camp this Sat in Tampa ... wonder if they are the same????

Well How Many People will be Cut After the Psychical.
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I like our chances if all our players pass their psychical!

I like our chances if all our players pass their psychical!

...except for Jason Maas...oops..scratch that remark.

I thought you meant psy-cho-log-i-cal

we r going to be citting alot of canadian wr's i think neways.. we have brock ralph and morealle, and i think meakeo or w.e will make practice squad but the rest will b toast

Re the psychical:

Here's hoping Kreskin isn't cut...the guy can call great audibles! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee ESP,

And he can bend the goalposts just enough to make whoever kicks Field Goals have NFL type numbers :slight_smile:

I want him at MLB. Sure he would be weak against the rush.... and the pass.... and the kick.... but he sure would be able to set the defense after he read the minds of the opposing QB!