Training Camp Is Soon And I Would just like To ....

Wish the Riders luck this year, except against my Bombers…lol… I am looking forward to Labour Day and The Banjo Bowl.

I wish you luck because we all wanna see the Riders VS The bombers in the GC, now wouldn’t that be a party. See you all on Labour Day.

Great post. I also wish the bombers well in the East, except of course against us Riders. I especially hope that the Bombers go undefeated against the rest of the west this year, although I am being selfish in this respect.

See you on Labour Day

well said. :smiley:

Indeed, I concur! Although, I should add i would very much like to see the Ticats do better this season... ( poor tabbies ).. and by better, i mean 5,6,7 wins?

this is going to be the best training camp in years.

players are actually going to be COMPETING for starting positions for a change!!

it’s gonna be weird.