Training Camp first day...who's going?

I'll be there with the missus...anyone else?

what do u mean? rookie camp or actual training camp?

either or, i cant get out until the weekend/mid june at the earliest due to stupid.. whats it called..SCHOOL :frowning:

Sorry...I meant training camp on Sunday...

unfortunately not a season ticket holder so no can do.ill try and get out tho on a day off.. take some pics and stuff, on a day that it doesnt rain lol. still tho, like i said, probably not until mid june :frowning:

oh well...still lots of camp left by mid-june.

Season ticket and Pick 10 holders can bring in as many people as they want for the first day of TC. It's not limited to the number of tickets you have. That's straight from the Bombers office. Killer, if you want to go there would probably be someone there who would bring you in with them.

il be there tomorrow, and the rest of rookie and main camp minus a day or two prob! anyone else plan on taking in most of it? could make for some good discussion to see different opinions on players

I really wish I could be there for rookie camp. Dying to for a football fix. You'll have to keep us updated, Towelie.

i will def transfer any notes that are worthy of mention. and can anybody clear this up for me, its only the first days when vets report to camp that are season ticket holders only right? i mean i am a season ticket holder, but i dont wanna wear that silly thing if i dont have to today lol

I'm pretty sure it's just the first day of regular camp...Sunday June 6.

yea youre right thanks, theres a sheet explaining it in the season ticket bundle.

Rookie camp - 35 rookies this year plus the 4 QBs starting out. Is this one of the largest rookie crop we've had coming into camp in a while? Anyone recall? How many were there last year with MK's overhaul?

NVM, just realized that was a stupid comment

who cares about last year already. geesh. let it die. :slight_smile:

anyways just saw on that june 6th is now open to the general public due to an overwelming response.

I wasn't dwelling on last season, I was only thinking of last year in terms of the the roster changes going into last years camp after they hired MK and his staff versus this year. When you turn over players, teams can either sign discarded vets, in which case you have fewer rookie spots, or bring in younger first year players, wherein you have a larger group of players in rookie camp. What occurred to me after my initial post was that most teams in the CFL this season will probably have larger numbers of bodies in rookie camps when you consider A. the unusually large number of players signing with NFL teams this last season, B. a pretty unspectacular free agent season this year, and C. regular season rosters vs training camp rosters you're bound to have at least 25 plus rookies in camp every year anyway. As a result, I was less impressed with the 35 rookie number than i was after first.

FYI...the Bombers have changed their minds regarding Season Ticket holders only on Training camp day 1. It's now open to the public... :thup: