Training Camp Discussion

We can use this as a Training Camp Discussion, anyone who goes to the practices can talk about who has impressed so far.

Well I'll start off... Today was my first time ever going to camp and I must say its a pretty cool experience. I brought my girlfriend along with me and she enjoyed it as well. I met Onknight there although it was at the end. lol

On a player note Willie Ponder was really impressive, making some awesome catches and running some great routes. Also Laurent Lavigne-Masse was making some crazy catches and kinda surprised me. Jonathan Carter was another that impressed me and was good in the 1 on 1 drills. As for the running backs Tre Smith was a player who looked very good he is quick on his feet and has very nice moves.

On the defense side Dennis Mitchell, Geoff Tisdale, and Dylan Barker were all very impressive in the 1 on 1 drills and also the receivers vs. defensive backs drills(like the 1 on 1 but as a group).

I could not have said it any better nice Report. Pounder Has looked real good.
My Worry is that maybe these DB are just not good as the WR we have in Camp

Guess well find out later.

Thanks for the updates, guys. Won't be able to get out to Mac 'til next week. Good to hear your observations.

Prechae Rodriquez was listed as a player to watch and I haven't heard a thing about the guy, how dose he look.

So I guess Jackson is this years future CFL MVP just like Curry was last year? I'm going to wait till after week 1 before I believe the hype. I am very optimistic this year but I've also heard this all before how great the team looks and all their stellar preseason victories, I'm hoping they go 0-2 this preseason.

Rodriguez didn't look too bad, but Earnest Jackson is a BEAST. Holy crap that guy is good. Not only does he have good hands, but he's got the size we've been lacking.

Ponder also looked really good. He's got good speed and ran his routes pretty well. Made some pretty decent catches. I will have to give Obie credit with his assessment of Jonathan Carter. He's definately got the moves on the returns.

Eddie Cohen was also quite impressive. Good patterns and some nice catches. I was very pleasantly surprised by the speed, size and talent level of the receivers.

Looking at the QB's it might be tough for Chang to make this team.

One more note on the offensive side, Robert Pavlovic is HUGE. He definately makes himself noticed. Hard to miss a 6ft4

On the defensive side, Tisdale did look good. Dennis Mitchell and Tyrone Sanders did as well. Sanders seems very intense. He got really upset with himself when he knocked down a pass and didn't intercept it. Good to see that kind of passion.

Barker is doing well and I noticed James Kinney a time or two out there.

It was nice to see some of the vets wandering around and chatting with fans and other players.

I like the stadium too. Even though (as Tom said) there isn't much leg room, I think the seats are comfy and it's a gorgeous stadium.

looking forward to reports on the QBs.

I kinda asked this question before but

if williams was to look better in camp, does printers still start???

I wouldn't want him to. As a fan, I don't give a rat's behind who gets paid the most. I want the best player out there to start. But to answer your question from a team point of view, probably.

Williams and Porter both looked really good. I didn't see much of Printers, but Porter has a pretty good arm. I'm sorry to say it, but I think Chang's time might be up here.

I'm very encouraged by the size at receiver this year. That's a big reason the Giants won the stupid bowl last year and one reason Maas didn't make it here (with all due respects to DJ Flick).

Seriously doubt if the designated "starting QB" would lose that spot as the results of his performance in training camp. He has the job for the season unless injured or he plays himself out of the starting lineup during the regular season.

I think Williams has to concentrate on being the backup and not being moved down the list again.

Would be nice to see all QB's do well and make the choice of 2nd, 3rd and who goes, very difficult for the coaching staff.

Can anyone who has been to rookie camp tell me who is playing at corner, who is playing at defensive halfback, and who out of that group has looked really good so far?


Is Crash not around on here anymore?

He used to have a stellar TC report.

Well I was mostly paying attention to the receivers yesterday I will make sure I take a look at the DB’s for you today and Ill let you know.

Our receivers this year as a whole look to be very talented especially Willie Ponder, Earnest Jackson, and Eddie Cohen. The receiver who has really surprised me so far has been our 4th round selection Laurent Lavigne-Masse, This kid has great size and hands. Johnathan Carter and Prechae Rodriguez have also looked strong.

On the other hand Rashaun Woods didn’t look to good he looked like he was fighting the football all yesterday and dropped some pretty easy passes.

I will be going to the 4:30pm practice today so if anyone would like me to take note of certain players just let me know before I leave at 4 today.

let me know how James Kinney and Matt King do Gbonds, much appreciated.


I will keep a look out for those guys and this time I will be sitting at Center field so I can see all the players. Yesterday I sat at the 30 watching all the receivers and QB's and Alan Zemaitis was working with a trainer right in front of me. He looks to be a little soar(looked like his right Hamstring) hopefully its just a cramp and he can get a good work out in today cuz it is his last chance to make the team.

Havnt been down but glad to hear the organization is putting on a brave face after the devastating loss of Armstead.

Zemaitis is one of those guys safe from being cut. The coaches probably new who is going to make the team and who isn't before this camp even started.

LOL, easy Zontar. Let it go my friend let it the better man.

I work one day and he misses me THAT much. I think zontar has a crush on me blushes