Training Camp Day 14 Video

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Near the end, lol

When did we sign Will Smith? lol

God that was good LOL..

ROFLMA :slight_smile:

I hope they Ritchie and Casey lose more offen
with a Ticats TV with thier Pranks.

Excellent shots as usual. For those of us who live at a distance, it's great to get these views.

I notice that early in the set, you got that background location that I questioned you about a few years ago. Well done!

Sorry, wrong thread. I meant that message for caiteag. Another 'senior moment'

LOL that was great. I needed that laugh. Is it any wonder why we love Richie Williams. "If you can call it a job"...classic.

For People who don't that how Ritchie is .
Richie is allways Joking
He is Prankster..
He is one of the People who is Keeping the Locker room Light.
The Video Shows What you see what you get

This Why He Beloved by His Teams Mates Coaches and Fans in Know.

Ritchie looked pretty much the natural. LOL