Training Camp - Day 1

After watching these 2 training camp practices i must say that the Bombers looked impressive at all aspects of the game. They were having fun and workied hard as well, a lot different atmosphere with Kelly over Berry. The 3:30 Practice was outstanding for the following player's:

Lefors looked excellent, right on the money every throw and showed great mobility

Hackney - showed pretty good movement for being 250 LBS and YES he has a rocket of an arm, seems like a keeper.

Kilian looked pretty good as well, when Williams comes to town this TC QB battle will be a tough one.

All the recievers were outstanding, but i will give credit to Hargreaves, T.Timmons and Adrius Bowman (who had the catck of the day) a one arm catch from a Kilian throw.

Joe Smith looks to be in GREAT shape and looked awesome out there, as well as Reid, but the surprise at running back/Fullback was Stephenson who had a great practice.

If the Bombers KEEP THE RIGHT PLAYERS, i feel that they will be a force this year.

...IT'S EARLY....but there definitely is a different air at tc. according to a few sources....Bowman in particular is living up to expectations....this guy could emerge to be the no 1 receiver....Sask. will be thinking over the trade that sent him to the Peg ...Make em pay Adarius....The arm of Hackney is unreal according to my source at camp....He's got great tempo and is very accurate...Now if he could take off a few pounds this guy could be dangerous...The qb. situation seems to be getting more intriguing by the day....All of them have their moments and Williams hasn't seen the field yet....This could be a tough decision on who stays and who leaves... :roll: :roll: ??????

Hackney - showed pretty good movement for being 250 LBS and YES he has a rocket of an arm, seems like a keeper.
Another dumb release by Kelly :thup: Can't blame it on age this time buddy.

Why is it dumb? Were you there to observe and rate the QB performances so far? If Kelly thinks that so far LeFors, Randall, and Kilian have out-performed the overweight Hackney, and with Williams coming in, why is it dumb to release Hackney?

....oh everything is dumb to some guys know the ones with all of that coaching savvy and degrees being signed- on is a good move.....Could Printers be in the wings IF nobody makes the grade....I'm really getting used to expecting anything and everything........ :lol: :lol:

I guess he is the coach and has seen way more then me (which is zip so far in training camp) but I thought Kilian would go before Hackney. Lets hope it works out, got to stay positive early in the year or it'll be a long one.