Training Camp CFL wide

Hey, I thought i'd make a league wide thread so everybody can check in one place how everybodies teams and players are doing.I'll start with the Ticats on my end.
So far, Rodney Van and Derek Douglas are making the biggest impression at DB.The first pick of TC went to DB Richie Rich.Canuck Raymond Wladichuk made a very nice sliding INT.On the WR end, Rodgeriqus Smith and Willie Thornton tore up the first practice, but in second practice during the deep throws it was Burl Toler and Rogeriqus Smith hauling em in.
Brian Calhoun RB did well receiving.

That's the condensed version, all in all very impressive group so far.

Ticats roster moves today:
Burl Toler Imp WR, Reggie Fish Imp WR, Marlon Williams Imp LB, Rodney Van Imp DB, Jason Vega Imp DE, Marcus Gordon Imp OL
Andre Sadeghian N/I FB
Jhamall Fluellen Imp RB (failed physical)
Corey Grant N/I WR

day 1:
qb-dimichele, rb- marc, wrs- hall, jeffers harris,franklin, watson, oline butler, douglas
db- suber, tate, hicks, lb- houston, carter, dline - scott

qb-pierce/brink, rb- marc, wrs- hall, arthur, watson, oline-butler
db- suber, tate, lb- wallace, nkang