Training Camp begins

Drew didn't attend training camp yesterday hence no training camp update.

I just listened to Ticats at Noon and they discussed the "fight" which is not uncommon during TC but the QBs getting involved is a new twist! Apparently Johnson has been running through the OL on a regular basis and eventually tempers are going to flare a bit as training camp starts to become a bit more of a grind. Remember players are with each other 24/7 during camp and have little down time. You know that Austin is not going to let anything get out of hand.

Fair enough good to know, just used to more reports out of camp I am hungry for CFL news right now trying to find it anywhere I can.

This Delano Johnson sounds like a keeper.

Edwards has also noted that Johnson has been an effective pass rusher throughout camp so far.

I like the kid's fire, and I'm sure Austin does, too.

Who knows what the QB's said to Johnson to get him to lose it?

From the reports, as soon as Austin stepped in, the whole thing de-escalated. I think Johnson would have been in jeopardy of a pink slip if he had continued to throw people around, but he didn't.

In the heat of battle, tempers flare, and I want that kind of aggressiveness on our D.

While I do agree with everything you said, it does worry me in one way which is that I don't like guys who don't know when to just walk away and avoid a stupid 15 yard penalty. A fight breaks out in a game and the team gets punished for it.

But like I said I agree, everyone is fighting scrapping day in and out for a chance to play and get paid, fights are just going to happen and are not always a bad thing.

Anybody heard any update on SpeedyB? I've noticed his last two posts on his Instagram account he have been pictures of his time with the Redskins.

The Fight all started after Johnson hit Harris on a play and Mazoli and Mathews came to his defense and got knocked on their butts Bomben and Filer also were involved , Johnson was pretty fired up but YOU DONT HIT QB,s at any time in camp but im sure it happens , Adrian Tracy also got into it during O Line vs D Line drills also think Filer was involved was at the other endzone so didnt get a good look

I have not been to training camp, but have some questions for those who have been.

Are they still going primarily with Troy Davis at MLB, or is Hoffman-Ellis getting reps there?

Is Delano Johnson playing so well that he may be starting ahead of Adrian Tracy?

Besides Gable, who is the best looking RB so far?

Are any of our 2016 draft picks standing out?

Any import rookies who are standing out with their play?

Did the best i could :rockin:

I beg to differ.....This Delano Johnson doesn't sound like a keeper he sounds like an idiot to me . Austin should give this guy a one way ticket out of town. Johnson was quoted as saying that if I tried this last year in Toronto and hit Ricky Ray like that I would've gotten pink slipped immediately and on a one way flight out of town. You have to ask yourself if this guy is so good then why didn't he last in Toronto ? He sounds like a liability if you ask me who will be a 15 yard penalty waiting to happen with his undisciplined style of play. Austin should just cut ties with this hothead and send a message to the rest of the boys that this type of crap will not be tolerated on this team this season , end of discussion.

Exactly. It's not like it's news to anybody, least of all a player at a pro camp, that the QBs are off limits. Nip this shit in the bud.

Johnson is a beast pass rusher and was quick to realize his mistake and quickly apologized, it was an intense practice even Filer and Tracy got into it on O line vs D line drills

We've seen similar things to this in previous years, the difference here being that it involved the QBs. So much on the line, especially for the new players, that I can see the tension leading to flare-ups. I'm thinking give him a pass here, but one more and he's gone immediately.

Actually, he sounds like the same type of player as Tracy. If I'm not mistaken, Tracy took a couple (or more?) RTP penalties last year with his aggressive style early in the season before learning to rein it in a bit.

I attended training camp on Tuesday morning and noticed a defensive player #74 with the name "Storie" (I believe?) on his jersey. It's been FOUR DAYS since then and nowhere have I seen any mention of this player. Was I hallucinating or having a flashback?? or is this some "secret" player they've brought into training camp without informing anybody?

Just proves you shouldn't believe every Storie you hear

Thanks for the updates, this is the type of stuff I am looking for, very basic and really doesn't tell you a lot but just want to know who is standing out and maybe making a name for themselves.

I really like Da'Rel Scott, going to be some really tough decisions in the backfield come cut day.

That is an odd one I have been searching trying to even find a player with that last name who it might be but no luck just a few college guys who I am quite confident it is not.

Does anyone know if Speedy is in camp yet?

brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 May 30
@ChadOwens2: @speedybanks87 we got you bro! Always take care of family first!? Thanks bro just kno I'm working everyday n will b there ASAP

That was from day after camp opened. I don't think he is back yet but sounds like he is still on the grind and trying to get back as quickly as he can. He has still been active on social media his last post was a highlight of him running through Elimimian last year,so thankfully he hasn't pulled a houdini and vanished out of thin air like he likes to do on kick returns.

edit: for those twitter illiterate (I ain't far behind btw I am only person my age I know who doesn't have an account) but Chad Owens tweeted at Speedy saying "we got you bro! Always take care of family first!" and Speedy replied back saying " Thanks bro just kno I'm working everyday n will b there ASAP"

If Johnson is such a beast pass rusher like you say then why isn't he still in Toronto ? The Arblows went out and signed 3 of our D-Line man from last years squad to shore up an obvious weakness in their team on the line of which Johnson was a part of. If this guy was any good he would still be in Toronto instead of being pulled off the scrap heap as a training camp body here in Hamilton. As for Filer and Tracy getting into it on O line vs D line drills , a totally different kettle of fish. The last time I looked neither of these guys was considered as the Quarterback of this team. By all accounts this guy got into it with not one,not two but all three of our quarterbacks in that brawl , there is a reason that qb's wear the different coloured jerseys in practice and are considered in the "do not touch" category. This alone should be enough to send this guy packing in my books.

hahah thats me lol

why no camp pics up here in this motha

While your points are fair, we had quarterbacks on my tyke team wear different colour uniform and were taught to never touch him under any circumstances, but sounds like Delano is safe for now and everybody buried the hatchet.

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from the article:

“Things happen, especially this time in camp. When things get out of control, we have to bring them back, keep the focus on that they are your teammates and this is our team and to get back and practice the proper way and move on,? Austin said afterward. “We’re all good.?

“I apologized immediately to the quarterbacks after the situation,? Johnson said. “When you’re trying to make a team, you have to go as hard as you can all the time. I just made a mistake and the guys weren’t going for it.?

“I didn’t expect that. I’m used to the offensive lineman stepping up in that situations but you don’t usually see the quarterbacks do it – they were on top of me immediately,? Johnson said. “That was great.?

Masoli had a good chuckle about the whole thing afterwards and said the team was able to turn it into a net benefit.
“I think we handled ourselves well. It was good to get a little frustration out, it was fun. No hard feelings,? he said. “We got together in the locker room during the break and shook it out and it was all good.?

“I think it’s healthy… we want the intensity. I look at as a coaching opportunity as opposed to a negative,? Steinauer said. “Is it acceptable? No. But I don’t think he’ll be going home.?

And personally my favourite quote from the whole article:
“If I’d hit Ricky Ray, they would have had me on flight immediately,? he said.