Training Camp begins

I imagine Drew's pretend depth chart is based off what he sees on the field, so it looks like Stephen will now be the S, and that they will be playing 2 National receivers to make up for not having 2 National DB's starting like last year.

Question for people who went to see camp... is what Drew is listing true? Is Stephen at S or CB? Is Daly getting many reps at S?

Yes it was legit he really did have a pool party but that's not the reason why he's not at camp:

outstanding family law issues can make it difficult for American players to obtain the necessary documentation needed to play in Canada.

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I am interested to see Larry Deane in some game action. He was an under the radar signing that has a chance to be a real good football player for the Cats this year.

sick d line!

Sears at LB?!

Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that. Very interesting, but not such a bad move. Basically taking over from Harris / Murray. A very physical player, if I remember correctly. And not only will he have no trouble dropping into coverage on any runningback or even slotback in the league, he’ll be quite quick and menacing coming in on the blitz.

8) Sears will be lucky if he gets in 3 games before being injured again, and missing the next 8 games !! :oops:
  Just can't depend on him staying healthy.  When he is healthy, he is great, but the alternative is not so great.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

#22 is at S and Daly is 2nd team S both getting reps and both looking good

No Perez-Archambeault in the depth chart ?

all muscle :lol:

190-200lbs linebacker.. i know JJ when he played for us was pretty light 210ish but this is ultra light

although the thought of SL and Sears blitzing together is intriguing .. hmm

JJ was on the other side (WILL? I can never keep these strainght). Sears would be playing SAM(?), where Knowlton played. Anyone remember what his weight was?

He's there, but you may have missed him due to his changing numbers from 49 to 41. Both he, and Collaros, while listed on the roster, have been declared at "Exempt Veterans" to be "non-counters" for training camp. However, the roster on, still remains, at best, a work in slow progress. Butler and Olson aren't listed at all but have, reportedly, been declared, already, as being on the 6-Game Injured List. Why Maher, Huggins and La Quan Williams aren't listed is unexplainable.

There are lots of outside LB's in the CFL in the 190-210 range. I even remember a couple 180 pound guys over the years. Anyone who wants it won't let a few pounds, or lack of a few pounds, get in their way.

Craig Butler was a starting LB for the Riders at 195.

I always think of Tad Kornegay, couldn't believe when the Riders converted him to linebacker but he wasn't half bad had some really good years in green and white. Small guy only about 185 if you're lucky.

Boy was he bad in his stint in Hamilton though :lol:

Was he the guy that Thigpen ran right through without missing a stride?

Not sure was just looking around for it but couldn't find a clip. Coulda happened though, at least I enjoyed watching some Thiggy highlights he was straight fire.

JJ was at Will. Will is the weak-side position with more run-stopping and blitz responsibilities and only shallow to low intermediate coverage. SAM is the "converted DB" strong-side position that is unique to the CFL, and which asks the player to do pretty much anything depending on the playcall -- 5th receiver coverage, blitz, run support.

Most SAM linebackers are built like DBs. You need to be able to cover like a defensive halfback at the position.

So apparently there was a pretty good brawl at practice today started by Delano Johnson who shoved Masoli then Mathews came to his defense and he ended up on the ground. Drew Edwards described it has the most heated fight he has witnessed in his 8 years covering the team.

Just not the type of report you want out of training camp but fights are inevitable,but shoving not one but two of your quarterbacks (not sure if Johnson pushed them both but he did start it by pushing Masoli) and especially when those two guys are your defacto starters at the moment, just not a good look. Good on Masoli and Mathews being the ones to try and calm things down just wrong place at the wrong time with a person who didn't want to listen clearly.

Austin talked to the team and cooled everyone down but it'll be interesting to see if Johnson hangs around, certainly isn't the Tiger-Cats way of football we have all grown to love under Austin.

Also disappointing when that's the only news out of camp all day, I think the coverage this year has been sub-par at best. It seems like there's more coverage on 3downnation on everyone else other than the Cats.

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Yup, it was Kornegay. Too bad there's no video, although all I need to do is close my eyes and I can still see it. :lol:

So Thigpen was thrown a few balls and given nine carries — one that he took in for a touchdown and [b]another that saw him run over former Ticat Tad Kornegay[/b] to the delight of his teammates and the crowd — to get him into the flow of the game. [url=] ... hings-out/[/url]

Lol that's awesome I sadly don't remember the play but that's a sweet picture of Tad on his backside, nice find!