Training camp Battles

Looks like alot fo good talent is in fighting for jobs epspecially at linebacker and the reciever positions . I have been following closely and I was at the Black and Gold Game as well .

AT linebacker it appears there is Brooks, Dodds, Cox, Josue, Armour fighting for at most 2 jobs if they go with two imoport linebackers . I personally would not start Berrenchia anymore as he always seems to come in after the play to make tackles so he is a bit to slow.

Out off all of these guys Brooks looks the best and most established as He is played in the NFL with Oakland and in Europe too .
Josue looks quite good too and has NFL Experience in Green Bay, Armour has had a few years in BC . My take is that Brooks will be the sure bet and likely Armour with Josue hanging around on the practice roster . This means Cox is out off here as wel as Dodds . I would play a core of Armour, Brooks ( middle ) , and Mariuz an d Hitchcock splitting time . That is likely a dream as the cats sem love Barrenchia and they seem to like having a converted DB at outside LB .

Receiver ...WOW Guardner looks good but where can he be fit in one asks as Cavil looks great and has am awesome CFL resume . Flick , Vaughn, Ralf , Holmes would appear to be locks . I guess having holmes as a kick returner and RB could allow them to keep one of Guardner or Cavil. This all means that Yeast will get traded or released .

Other notes of interest is that I did not see the big o-lineman POWEL yesterday ..the other guy Randel looked very much out of shape so i don't know what's going on there with the inmport tackle situation . MR Davis at RB looks like a good one ..hopefully they can keep him around . I also like th canadian fullback we got from ottawa lezis as well as mullings they both look good.... berbers at db looks like he may earn a spot at corner back along with cody ..and the halfbacks then might be martin and goss ..i guess we shall se .. i ALSO thing Eakin can be a start in this league and i hope we keep him ...especially since MAAS has his wife and kids living in Edmonton so he might want to move back soon .

so lets keep an eye on the linbacker and reciever situations ..i can see a few cuts from both positions on monday

Yeast started in the black and gold game...along with vaughn peterson and flick...if u ask me thats a solid receving tired of these people bad mouthing Yeast...he's a great player!!

I think he is a great player too . Just wish he would be a bit more consistent. I just think they are stacked right now so at least 2 very good players won't make it . I thought since they really have no tall import recievers that one of cavil or guardner would be needed instead of having so many smaller recivers like yeast and holmes as well flick and vaughn are not tall either ..this is the best recievers we have ever had in camp

I agree Kevin Eakin is a good Quaterback & will be a starter in this league someday,but every team needs a good backup, please don't doubt Jasons commitment to Hamilton, he is very excited to play for this organization & the fans, he will give it his all & more.
His family is making sure he sees his wife & daughter as often as possible.

We will have to have a very strong defence to stay with TO, Mon and Ed est and our line backing needs work and now that the boatmen have landed Ricky W. LB will have to be a very strong position.

Actually I believe they started with a 5 pack that included Yeast. Ralph was out there and Yeast came in and out as the 5th.

I could be wrong, but I know they started with Flick, Peterson, Ralph, Yeast and Vaughn out there.

the five receiver pack makes sense if you consider the number of receivers we keep and the room for an extra import starting
they also have said a lot about using 4 canadian starters along the line therefore freeing up an import receiver without taking out an import. i see ralph yeast flick vaughn starting with cavil as #5 with morreale(or fleming) and peterson backing up.
interesting our depth since i thought we only need to start 7 canadians..(radlein,ralph,hudson,smith, hage,belli and auggy) my guess ..and doesn't include an extra canadian probably starting in gordon.