Training Camp Battles

What are some of the main ones, and who will win?

Ofcourse everyone loves quarterback controversy, but Glenn is the only QB we have. Who will challenge for second? I've heard that neither Dinwiddie or Banks are stepping up, so what do you guys think of Holland or Bohnet? Personally I hope one of the new guys can learn quickly.

As far as receiver, we are looking great. Stegall and Armstrong for a full year together should eat alot of yardage, but who do we keep past that? Is Brazzell worth the $$? Will Stoddard finally get his respect? I think we could dump both Brazzell and AJ, and use Wilson, Stoddard, & Franklin, and possibly a late NFL cut.

So, what are your opinions of the Bomber Training Camp?

...I wouldn't be to hasty and cut AJ111....he's really flying at he's looked in a long time....another threat along side Milt and Armstrong....Nate Davis is also looking pretty good....a little leaner...and if he's any meaner....opposing qbs. better watch out....heh heh....go get em BigBlue.... :rockin:

Papa, with that D-line and Barrin in the middle, you are going to be one tough team to run against this year.

theres a darn good battle for strong side linebacking position(ikes old spot) between corey jenkins and toney edison. edison has the upper hand, but only in coverage. i hope we go with jenkins as hes 220 pounds of solid muscle and is very quick, and a bawl hawk as well. he looks like he could really crush any runningback in this league.

weak side is between kai parham and kyries hebert. it look as though we will get a real good season outa kyries, hes set some super high goals for himself, and has a training camp under his belt this season. not to mention greg marshall can easily tell him to stop trying to crank people and just wrap up and that will fix his booboos from last season.

safety, nugent and logan look darn good

reciever, edwards, brazzell wilson and johnson are lighting it up out there. derricks a little rusty but he shake it, mccord doesnt look as good as he was last year, milt is milt, freakning phenominal

theres a battle between dorsey and AJ for returner. personally i think the only reason dorseys even hanging on is cuz he can back up at runningback… but hes not even all that great at it. i say go with reid and aj, cut dorsey if we have to choose between him and AJ. use reid as a secondary returner.

id love to ee AJ in the offence full time, man he looks great.

back up QB, holland so far is the best behind Glenn, dinnwiddie and banks both have there ups and downs, nothing special at all. im gonna have to leave that one to the coaches, no ones really shining to much, holland maybe but nothing lights out.

davis looks GREAT as papa mentioned(i believe i got into an argument with red2005 about this, but i wont rub it in) both reid and bagwell have been looking great throug out camp, although it looks like reid will come out on top if i had to guess.

basically, looks like we’ll have great NI depth, a ton of NI talent, and a top three offence, best defence, and top 2 special teams

new punter looks great, troy will be pretty good without trying to punt

we’ll probably have the best offensive line in the east, maybe even the league, best rec. corps in the east, somewhere in the mix with BC calgary and ask for top four in the league. best RB in the east, maybe the league, depending on reynolds

not sure about QB, personally if Glenn stays healthy i can see him as an eastern all star easy

uh best defensive line and middle linebacker, some damn good rookie linebackers… and i mean damn good

good special teams tacklers, good punter and kicker, good returner

easily the third best secondary, bush looks great by the way

i think all around we are looking mighty fine in 07

only real questions being can the SOLB’s step up into CFL game speed, and our back up QB. and can the NI safeties step up into game spoeed as well… if not we’ll just move hebert back there, but im sure either nugent or logan will do just great, especially with the cover guys they have in the secondary

hopefully the blue start the cutting process early(in the next 2-5 days):

Cut C.Martin
Cut Bearman
Cut Dinwiddie
Cut Carter
Trade St.Germain(for atleast a 3rd rounder)
Cut Onyen
Cut Lezi

Unless of course one really really impresses, lower the TC number to 63(I think)
And dress say 48 for the game on the 14th, Give every player in that game atleast 1 full half
Matechuk sticks to LS, Picard sticks to C, the import Punter gets the full game as a P/K all three play the full game at that spot only
*QB's get 1/3 a game each(Glenn doesn't play)
the top about 16-18 Bombers(like Milt) don't dress(go in civies) 2-3 Bombers dress as emergency Backups(1 or 2 OL and a DB)
Franklin and Dorsey are the returners, AJ III gets the day off

the D goes 3-4, O goes to 4 wide, 2 backs
For pre-season game 1 only!!

barnsie, dinwiddie and lezi are picking it up as camp goes on, I think those two might stick.