Training Camp and Lineup

From what I have seen ,

I think MASOLI might be making a push to get the 2knd or 3rd Qb role. I also notice that Eric McCree could make a run for a WR spot . Obiora looks good at DE and Singletary and Marshall have also looked good at DE and DT . I am wondering where Colclough fits in the defence . i hope he does . I would say Onrea Jones , Volcy and
Donte Harden lead the kick return battle . Parks , Brown, D Harris, Eric Harris seem to battling for the corner and Sam position ....From what I have seen and heard if we had to play a real game right now and everyone was healthy here is how it might play

Defensive Line ..
Shomari Williams (DE) and Bulcke (DT) would come in and out based on situation with either an non import DE ot DT in at all time . I see Davis as the other DT and Moore coming in and out with Bulcke . i think Peach starts at one DE and Boudreau comes in and out with Shomari . I see bowman making this team when healthy as the weak side or middle linebacker to play with Jamal and Markeith . I think Lawrence and Harris backup . I think Courtney /Hinds take field corner and Webb fields half with Colclough and R. Brown at weak side corner and McCollough at the other half with Parks backing up that corner and Colclough backing up the halfs and Patrick starts at safety.

I think Mcree or Leong will emerge over Hilton to replace Williams in the receiving corps. I think Donte Harden will be our kick returner and back RB or 2knd RB . i also think Masoli will make this team maybe as the 3rd QB behind LeFevour

Great review! There are a few things I'd love to hear all your opinions on, especially those who have been there are:

No one has spoken much of Brian Brohm, do you guys think he will not make the team? I have heard and read that Masoli does in fact look great. Not much has been spoken of Brohm. I was excited about him, our QB stable looked good coming in, somehow I thought that maybe we'd make it work with all 4. All are very talented and bring something different to the table. Interested to see how LeFevour looks.

The RB situation is interesting as well. Is Stephenson still there? I read that Gable is the #2 RB, I feel like he could be the best blocker out of Walker (as he struggled with pass pro last year), Harden, and Lamar Lindsey. Lindsey looks very small on tape from his highlight from USF. Coach Austin mentioned that their RBs need to run real routes, run the ball, and most importantly pass block. Harden, on tape, looks like a great RB and was the most productive out of the three (Himself, Gable, Lindsey) in NCAA. I read that Harden is #4 right now on The Scratching Post, granted he has just arrived, but has he looked good enough to be the #2 back? As you know, in the CFL, you need production out of your #1 RB, #2 RB, and sometimes even a #3 RB. Harden certainly looks to be a well rounded RB, all of them do. Interesting to see that you feel Harden is the leading KR for the Cats. That could really help him out. Anyway all 4 stay?

Would love to hear everyone's who has attended's thoughts. First post!

Great quote by CBC - … eview.html

If you’d like to watch someone develop through camp, try humongous rookie offensive lineman Joel Figueroa out of Miami, who stands 6-foot-6, 320 pounds and could bench press the 155-pound Williams 100 times without breaking a sweat. If Williams ever shows up, of course.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi TiCats0G2,

I‘d say Brohm is neck and neck with LeFevour at this point with Masoli right there as well . Brohm has an incredible trck record of success at Louisville and was drafted in the 2knd round in the NFL draft in 2008 or9 . He has not done much since though as he has been the 3RD QB fro a couple teams and played in the UFL ETC . Masoli looks great and it seems Brohm is the 3rd best runner of the 3. Masoli and LeFevour looked very confident and determined .
As Austin has indicated , it will come down to how they perform in the preseason game .

I think Gable has one advantage as he is the only back in camp that can run n between the tackles well . I think he will stick around one way or the other either as the # 2 back or practice roster.
Harden brings a lot to the table and can return kicks well . If Chris Williams comes back then that could affect Harden the most . I think Lindsey is small but it will be determined by the pre season results .
I think Austin is considering a 2 import back system with either the 2knd import back in there or 5th receiver import . This would limit Stephenson’s playing time

I am shocked by these two cuts as I thought that Harris was looking primed for the new defence as they are looking for faster linebackers that can cover. I guess this means Eric Harris and Colclough are looking good.
Eric McCree was looking great and getting rave reviews . i guess Hilton , Ellingson , Leong have have been looking better .

it should be interesting to see what comes of the Chris Williams situation now that thet ruled the contract is valid .

Awesome reply! Is Lamar no longer taking reps as a return man? He is pretty small, one ought to think he maybe too small to fit Coach Austin's needs as a pass blocker. It's one thing too be small in height, but he looks very small in weight. Lindsey was probably the least productive out of Gable, Harden, and himself as a Running Back in the NCAA. Starting only a few games out of seven games played last year. Although he was the Big East Special Teams POY a few years back. I believe in 2010.

It's not too much of a stretch to keep four RBs. Three on the active roster, one on the practice squad.

One thing I have noticed is that Austrin in releasing most of the players I like so this is all just fun specualtion and follwoing the team closely and playing GM .

I don''t know much about Lamar . He is taking reps as a return man . It's a good point about Austin needing a back that can block. It seems track record is not weighed to much by Austin .The focus is more on speed and learning the offense and fitting into the offence .

I think it way too much of a stretch to have 4 import backs on the active roster . I would expect to see 2 .
The only way there could be 3 is if they go with Harden as kick returner only and Gable as the 2kns of 2 starting import backs . It seems unlikely they would use an import spot for kick returner only.
they would likely want to have an extra import reciever. db or linebacker that can tackle downfield on specialty teams and coem in certain formations ( i am thinking guys like Hilton , Lawrence , Colclough )

It will be an interesting battle for 2 and 3.
If Brohm does not secure the #2 job I think he will just ask for his release.

One would think that. Especially because you would think that the Ti Cats will want to keep Dan and Masoli for a developmental standout. Both young with some experience.

Except that we need to keep in mind that Burris is getting up there in age, and with another year or two, Brohm could then be vying for the starter's job and during that time he will better familiarity with his teammates and the offense.

Nate Bussey has looked better than Dominique Harris in my opinion. Thus, Harris’s release. Lawrence & Bussey look to be the guys who will back-up JJ & Markeith … once again IMHO.

Colclough could be being slotted in @ SAM when he’s healthy. Terrence Parks & Erik Harris look good in that spot & I think will battle to see who gets that starting position. Parks has the added value of being able to play in the secondary just like Colclough. Things I think O-Dog values.

Raymond Brown is a monster at short/boundary side corner. Very much like Pat Watkins in Toronto or Browner when he was in Calgary.

Same can be said of McCree’s release. Hilton & Volcy in particular have looked better. Also think he’s hurt. Saw him in a walking boot the other practice. Lots of new guys to evaluate at receiver, they gotta move on.