Training Camp afternoon rainy day and 60 yard pass Burris

Burris to Copeland for 60 yards. Then the next play a 30 yard pas over the sholder catch to Ken Yon Rambo. The receivers and Burris and Gesser seem to be getting their timing down.

You do realize this is TRAINING CAMP right? Let’s see him do it when a bunch of green jerseys are flying at him trying to “break his neck”

…so the Riders defensive plan is to throw their jerseys at Hank in the event the Riders find the Calgary O-line inpenetrable…perhaps in the hopes it snarls in his facemask, thereby visually blocking his view downfield…even hurled with great force I cannot see a new Rider jersey sustaining the mass/acceleration to cause even a minor soft tissue injury, let alone build the energy necessary to cause a bone break…Jer, you better tell your boys they are going to have to come up with something other than the ‘flying green jersey’ attack to prevent Calgary’s O from embarassing your crew on Tuesday…

That was possibly the stupidest post I have ever read on this forum. Oh, and by the way, it’s common knowledge that Calgary has the worst O-Line in the league.

…lol, got you smiling though eh?..

…BTW, please explain to me why you think our O-line is the worst in the league? I’m calling you out…

Alright let’s make it even, my Alouettes will take care of both the Stampeders and The Roughriders this year! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: Just kidding, but they will destroy Edmonton and Winnepeg and TORONTO

I thought the stupidiest posts were reserved for Jermy! Nealon better keep his head up!

I agree, this Jermy guy should be banned, god help us.

I too want to hear why the Stamps O-line is the worst in the league … c’mon Jeremy, let’s hear it

see my post in the CFL Talk section.

Just so you stampeder fans know, the riders aren’t bringing 12 veterans to Calgary. And none of our starting D Line will be in attendence, so if we do penetrate your o line, that would be pretty embarassing now wouldn’t it.

…whatever you need to think to soften the blow chris…

Yes, Chris we except your excuse already. So the Riders will only bring 5 guys from what you are saying.

…I’m sticking with the idea that Roy and Danny knew this game was a loss before making the trip out so they kept back KK, Dominguez and Moore as an excuse for the score…PR spin…

But it would have shut up a lot of people in Riderville if Saskatchewan played their starters and got whupped by a buch of Stampeder rookies.

I never knew how much class Stampeder fans actually had until I read posts by Rider fans on this site…

Red & White2005…You almost called it by your opening post…except you have Copeland in the wrong order! LOL Do you guess age and weight at Carnivals?

Ya that is funny. But that is what happened at practise. I can tell you if you want to have a laugh go to and see all the excuses for that play and how it was not right. I do not ab out that I think the fans of the Stamps were given an early present nothing wrong with that. Some Rider fans do not like it because it was an embrassment. I loved the fact the Rider fans were booing their team by half time. They of course will say they were booing Burris but that was not the case I was sitting with some of them. They also do not mention that in 3 or 4 plays Nealon throws an interception into the numbers of Rashard Anderson. On they were trying to blame Rocky Butler. I gave them the stats from this site. OOPs so now it was tipped by a dozen guys. I have to say Rider fans sure know how to use the $hit shovel. ha ha ha

Take Care Sportsmen have agood season of posting.

The reason why we didn’t bring those 12 players was because they are already locked up to make the team. Danny Barret wanted to see a lot of his young talent before making any cuts on Saturday. Which is only fair.

I’m a rider fan and I have no problem with the Td that the stamps made. I thought it was a real smart coaching move. Swing it to Copeland early it will suck the defense up tight, cause that’s what there going to expect. Then you heave it down field to a wide open reciever, I like it. I don’t find it embarassing, because that is what football is all about. Coaching and mindgames with the opposition. The thing I don’t like is when people critisize the coach if those kinds of plays don’t work. I think that’s why we don’t see as many of those kinds of plays.

Excuse me? Are you even reading the above posts? They’re telling us that the reason we didn’t bring our starters is because we already knew we were going to lose. They also say stuff like:

I have to say Rider fans sure know how to use the $hit shovel. ha ha ha
If you think that's class then I don't know how to respond