Training camp 2022

While rookie mini-camp will begin tomorrow for three days, the main camp will begin Sunday, May 15, 2022; players are to report to camp this Saturday, although the possibility of a strike may affect the plans. As I wrote on the main forum, I hope that the players not reporting because of possible strike will be suspended and I don't care who these players are; contracts may even be voided or reduced.

Presently, there are 86 players on the off-season roster, i.e. 60 Americans, incl. a few Globals and 26 Nationals; the numbers by positions are:

-QB 5 A
-RBs/FBs 10; 6 A and 4 N
-WRs/SBs/KRs 16; 12 A and 4 N
-OL 13; 5 A and 8 N
-DL 11; 9 A and 2 N
-LBs 10; 7 A and 3 N
-DBs 17; 14 A and 3 N
-LS 1 N
-K/P 3; 1 A, 1 G and 1 N

These numbers exclude the 2022 eight draft choices. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I was expecting the additions of defensive linemen but it has not occurred, as of now; may happen today or tomorrow.

Should be an interesting training camp, particularly on the defensive side.



Another A RB, Tavien Feaster has been added. There are now 7; 7A and 4 N.

As in 2021, there has been no improvements in posting the Off-season roster; Presently, 4 players no longer with the team and traded in one instance, are still on the roster; they are: Quinten Dormady, Cameron Lawson, Frederic Plesius and Rashaun Simonise; 6 players signed in the past 2 weeks are still not on the roster.

Jeff Reinebold is still with list of coaches.


You should write to them Richard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I wrote long time ago, the last time I wrote to them regarding rosters was August 27,2021. I won't soon, at least regarding not up to date rosters.


While rookie camps open today, the Alouettes isn't holding a rookie camp.


Penny pinching cheap baztards ?

Unfortunately, it could be penny pinching decision or not enough rookie candidates, including QBs. -only 2 rookies-

I am not impressed and it does not give me confidence for the upcoming season. Presently, I see them as number four in the East.

Only team that has not announced signings of their 2022 draft choices.


The weird secrecy about Reinebold leaving is old. Not saying Maciocia has to put Jeff's business in the street, but even a simple, "Jeff had to step away for personal reasons. We respect his privacy and wish him good luck in the days ahead" would reassure fans.

yes indeed. Makes me think he was fired.

It is impossible not to see that Maciocia is moving all his peons.... Archambault, Calvillo. Khari is sitting on a box of grenades, where everything is happening "around him" Als open their season in Calgary, then TO and then a back to back against the Riders. Als will be lucky to kickoff the first quarter of the season 2-2.

If or when Maciocia fires Khari, all his old boys will be in place...

I watched the mini-doc around the combine and the draft and he was not around for either activities. Everyone else was including the team President.

As per today's CFL transactions the Alouettes have:

-Added: A MLB Erroll Thompson- Mississippi State

-Released: A RB Al McKeller who was signed April 19,2022.


How many unseen players will the Als need to release to reach the 85 maximum for the start of training camp?

Why would he wait till early season or make a decision after 2 losses ?; if he was serious about real change, should have made it right after the season and gave a new coaching staff the chance to work and put things together all off-season. And who would his new HC be anyways ?

Teams have to be at 85 players + non-counters next Saturday. Based on additions and releases not included on Alouettes off-season roster, I count 87 players; if you exclude the non-counters they are OK and won't have to release players. Presently, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Ottawa have 96 to 98 players + non-counters on rosters; these present numbers exclude 2022 draft choices that have all been signed, expect a few trying the NFL.

On May 17,2022, CFL teams will have to reduce rosters to 75 + non-counters. Then the Alouettes will have to reduce close to ten players.


Granted, but it doesn't add up in Reinebold's case. He himself hired Reinebold in the offseason. Why would he do that if he wanted to put Archambault into that STC position all along?

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I did not mean to say he would be fired at 2-2. I wrote that I think that is the likely record they can hope for. If he team comes out 1-3 or 0-4. He will be fired.

Who will replace him ?The last remaining buddy of his, is unemployed if I'm not mistaken???

Or Maciocia may decide to name himself as interim coach. But I'm more inclined to think, he will negotiate something with Chris Jones to allow him to bring his last remaining buddy.

a ticat fan comes in piece...

Training Camp Important Dates:

Wednesday May 11, 2022 – Rookie camps open

Saturday May 14, 2022 – CFL rosters reduced to 85 players

Sunday May 15, 2022 – Training camps open

Tuesday May 17, 2022 – CFL rosters reduced to 75 players (two days to show what you can do and then 10 players get cut. No time to mess around)

May 23, 2022 – Pre-season begins

The first game of 2022 kicks off with pre-season action between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders. Every team will play two pre-season games between May 23 and June 3.

June 4, 2022 – End of training camp

With Als not having rookie camp from what I can see and ticats not hitting the field with their rookie camp. Makes me feel nervous for the start of main camps on sunday . With teams having 80-86 players already with some having 90+ and most teams already know who will be where and playing what, not much time for rookie players to so much of anything no matter what camp your at.

May 28th @ Hamilton then June 3rd vs. Ottawa. Wouldnt be surprised after May 28th to see a bunch of players cut as by June 3rd im sure Montreal will have either close to their #'s or something because the game against Ottawa I'm sure you will see alot of regulars in that game to get them prepared for the upcoming season

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Sounds like the Als kept the roster count low knowing in advance they would not be holding Rookie Camp. Question then becomes whether this decision was based on the uncertainty of the CBA negotiations or if the team was just trying to minimize costs.

I don't think they confirmed signing their #1 pick either.