Training Camp 2018

Als release Jovan Olafioye and he re-signs with BC. Amazing. Andthat after the Als traded for him just last year. Tevaughn Campbell was another player traded for as he came in theVernon Adams deal. ShaqMurray-Lawrence wasnot traded for, but hedid receive a small signing bonus.

There is always a hidden surprise withbMr. Kavis Reed. You got to know Jovan got some money during the off season too. Unless Reed plans to use that money to pay for Johnstone in the supplemental, this is a head scratcher and another trade in a growing list that was poorly planned out. Unless this team finds lightning in a bottle. Reed will be tossed out by the end of August.

Jovan Olafioye - $50,000 off-season bonus
Shaq Murray-Lawrence - $5,000
Tevaughn Campbell - unknown
Nik Lewis - $30,000
Kyries Hebert - $40,000
Khalil Carter - Scout being paid as a Defensive Coordinator

I know some have speculated that the reason the Als declined to have a QB/Rookie Camp this year was due to cost. I actually think it is due to Mike Sherman's involvement with Your Call. Speaking of which Sherman lost all 4 games he coached at Your Call with the offense struggling in the last 2 outings.

Expect more surprises.

WHAT?? They cut JO on training camp start? How or why is that even possible? After Woods last year?

After giving up a #1? They cut him now?? I don't get it at all. Maybe after TC. But...

I just have no idea what the thinking is here. Been a follower of the league for years and have never seen this kind of stuff before. Has the HC even seen or watched tapes of him play?

Can this be linked to Tyler Johnstone being taken in supplemental draft?
Would they then have the horses to play 1 more national OL than initially planned.. and now decided they don't have to rely on back-issues Olafioye and use that $$ and/or ratio elsewhere?

Trying to find an explanation for the decision, and the timing.. aside from "Reed being Reed".

Yeah I know. But Tyler still needs to prove he can play at this level.
I have no idea...there must be a reason even if one doesn't agree with it.

It's just so much better for teams and organizations be somewhat transparent as opposed to letting people come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories.

For instance: " We're releasing JO because he's too expensive and we feel he has back issues. We are doing it now so he has an opp to hook on with another team. We feel we have his position covered."

Now, which high profile player will be cut tomorrow morning at 5 am? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reed has handed out anywhere from 135 000 to 200 000 in roster bonus to players he's released for nothing. Hard to believe he could not get ANYTHING for Olafoyle signed for 3 years and already paid 50k of his salary. Mind boggling stuff going on in Montreal. Basically Reed has squandered all savings that come from not having an established starting QB.

The supplemental was supposed to be held friday evening, we've heard nothing. This league can be infuriating.

Probably Chris Williams

Be nice if he got some draft picks for JO but I am not sure if he lived up to his press clippings and he has always had health issues and hes not grtting younger and would save a lot of cap space going forward. I think there will be more high profile cuts.

Team announced the following:

Player added to the roster
Seydou Junior Haidara (N), WR, Laval

Players added to the 6-game injured list
Nicolas Boulay (N), LB, Sherbrooke
Philippe Gagnon (N), G, Laval

Players released
Adrian Clarke (N), LB, Bishop’s
Jakari Gore (I), RB, Marian
Shaquille Murray-Lawrence (N), RB, Nevada
Thomas Mayo (I), WR, California PA
Jovan Olafioye (I), OT, North Carolina Central
Lonnie Outlaw (I), WR, Miles College

With all the moves made so far,the training camp roster is now at 84 players. If we exclude the non-counters and Chip Cox,-retired since October 20,2017- we are at 66,compared with an approved number of 75. Chip could still return.

I expect that net additions will be made in the next day or days; definitely a need for 3 to 4 offensive linemen. 1 or 2 WR's could be added along with 1 or 2 LB's and possible Nat. DB,if available.


From the grainy picture I saw, the OL had Xavier Fulton at LT and Ryan Bomben at LG. I would assume that remaining are Luc Brodeur-Jourdain was at C, Kristian Matte at RG, and Philip Blake at RT.

Anybody here attend the 1st day and are able to confirm or deny this?

Well with a 2nd look, I think the line appears to be:

Xavier Fulton at LT
Ryan Bomben at LG
Kristian Matte at C
Sean Jamieson RG
Philip Blake at RT

Le départ d'Olafioye pourrait peut-être indiquer que Rutherford aura un poste de partant. Comme il est repêché son impacte sur la masse salariale sera beaucoup moindre que si on avait gardé Olafioye.

Didier Orméjuste confirmed the OL for today was:

Xavier Fulton at LT
Ryan Bomben at LG
Kristian Matte at C
Sean Jamieson at RG
Philip Blake at RT

He also added Drew Willy was the 1st team QB for Day 1.

On RDS, Eric Leblancc writes that Josh Freeman did not look good. “Freeman n’a pas bien paru”. He was positive for Matthew Shiltz and Drew Willy.

Freeman’s experience may not last too long,unless he improves quite a bit. He also did not impress at the mini-camp.


Freeman had "former-NFL that doesn't make through camp" feel to him from day 1, not in the least surprised.. I really don't know why we keep doing this all the time. Cut him early, give others guys more reps.

Seems they Willy is the vet waiting to get his job taken away as soon as Shiltz can earn it away from him. Hopefully that's the case before the end of camp.

Didier is obviously correct on the o-line.

Second team was L to R Morris, Annen, LBJ, Rutherford, Tucker.

Depth chart handed out had Morris, Bomben, LBJ, Blake, Tucker.

I didnt think Freeman appeared as bad as Eric Leblanc wrote, but Willy seemed the best of the QBs. Looked really confident. If only he was a little more fiery. If theres an intra-squad game next weekend it will give a better picture of the QBs.

And to Freeman`s credit he stayed about 20 minutes after practice ended throwing to Eugene Lewis.

Some surprises on the defensive depth chart. It was Henderson at the field corner with White inside at field halfback and that`s how they practiced.

Joe Burnett was listed as starting safety, but although he was in uniform he had no helmet and didnt participate in drills. Yet at one point he did like 50 push ups, so he cant be that badly injured. Perhaps didn`t pass his physical for some reason.

So it was Dozier, 2nd on the depth chart, at safety.

Campbell was at boundary corner. At boundary half the only player listed was Tyquwan Glass but it was mainly Ellis and Jermaine Robinson who appeared to be practicing there.

Ellis was listed as the starting SAM and again alternated there with Robinson.

WILL on the depth chart had Sarao, Knox, Ackie, Lalama, and the first 3 seemed to be alternating.

I`ll go out on a limb and say one player who might surprise is Ryder Stone. Not very tall but has a burst. Could help preserve Sutton.

As for the coaches, Stubler seemed very involved, correcting players during drills. And Jason Tucker had his receivers doing some creative drills.

I asked the very personable Miles Gorrell about the Supplemental Draft. He said there was one Friday, but no one was selected by any team. The Tyler Johnstone one will be in July. He of course wasnt going to give me the scoop - I guess the $5 I offered him wasnt enough - but said “Hes an interesting guy, well have to see.”

As for Kavis and Olafioye, its as if hes running a Ponzi scheme. Needed money for Muamba, took it from Olafioye.

Stephan Logan ...... should have been let go at the end of last season