Training camp 2016

The offseason is finally winding down with the opening of rookie camp just around the corner. We're 3 weeks away from our first preseason game on June 8. Any thoughts or bold predictions for camp, or things you'd like to see?

Some of my guesses -

Oline ends up starting 3 Americans (left to right) Bryant-Bond-Goosen-Chungh-Daniels or Hardrick. Neufeld and Keeping end up on the roster as backups, our draft pick Couture on the PR.

National starters looks something like - Goosen, Chungh, Harris, Kohlert, and a rotation at FB and receiver including Richards/Cronk/Normand/Feoli-Gudino on offense, and Westerman and Shologan on defence. Considering we started 8 Nationals most of last year I have a feeling we do so again this year and start another National on defense, with one of Hurl/Waggoner/Bucknor and maybe even Loeffler in the mix on the field.

From our draft picks, I think Loeffler and Corney make the active roster. Couture, Butcher, and Intzandt I think may end up on the PR.

I would like to see them keep draft pick Rupert Butcher at DL where he played in college and not flip him to OL. We've drafted a few guys in the last few years with the idea of flipping them onto the opposite side of the ball. Last year we drafted a DL in Ettore Lattanzio with the idea of making him a FB. It was a massive failure, we cut him, and he ends up on the DL in a back up role in Ottawa and played decent in limited snaps. Not sure why he never got any Dline opportunity here. The position flip flop worked for Chris Greaves, and Brad Sinopoli as another that springs to mind, but generally speaking they aren't very successful. The guy terrorized OL at the combine, let him try do it at the pro level IMO.

Still have no idea who starts at the DE spot opposite Westerman. Guys I thought would be favourites in that role, Justin Cole and Derrell Johnson, are listed as LBs on the roster. Maybe the plan is to go with more of a 3-4 type alignment using Westerman-Shologan-Cummings as the mainstays up front and disguising another rusher amongst the linebackers with some combo of Cole, Johnson, Wild, Bass, and maybe Tony Burnett?

Dark horse pick to make the starting roster - Receiver Kris Adams.

....Nice breakdown wolverine...I agree with most of it....My take is we give Wagoner a shot at safety and Loffler has a good chance of sticking...I see Westerman and Cole as the ends and I also believe Corney will stick around...With the release of Stoudermire ( who now has a contract with the Vikes) we need a returner...This kid Duffy is super fast and has some good moves....I like him as our returner...Couture will make the team and rotate in for sure...I agree on Kris Adams....good hands and will definitely vie for a spot...We definitely have to keep Butcher and Intzandt around...Lots of potential there...All in all a very solid roster and this team will definitely be in the mix for a playoff spot...and who knows where we can go from there after that.. :thup:

Couture is a second round pick, no way would they put him on the practice squad.

....A correction on my take for returner....should really get the mans name right...It's McDuffie,,,not Duffy..sorry bout that... :wink:

McDuffie played for the TiCats and is a very dangerous KR/PR, super fast, reads his blocks well and good hands. :thup:
He is one of those guys, that when he runs, it looks like his feet don't even touch the ground. effortless!
In reality, he was beaten out by Speedy Banks so he was let go.

You guys will love McDuffie , he is a good addition to your team unfortunately as Grover pointed out he came around the same time as Banks and we couldn't keep them both. I'm personally really excited and intrigued by the team that Walters and company has put together this off season for you Bomber fans via FA/Trades/Draft my bold prediction is this is finally the year that the Bombers turn the corner and find their way out of the abyss (I know, I know we've all heard that story for years). Prediction.......The Bombers will 100% finally return to the play-offs this season and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you wound up in 1rst in the West this season. Now with saying all that let's hope I just didn't jinx things for you guys with my bold prediction for the 2016 campaign. :slight_smile:

....Thanx bobo and grover for the info. on McDuffie (and the kind words)....One of the comments at mini-camp about McDuffie was that he was 'flat -out fast'... Not a bad little receiver either..Now if he can hang on to the 'rock' we might have something...Walters has been a busy boy for sure....just announced the signings of all of our pics, except Corney (which should be around the corner)...This offseason has been one of the better ones, for quite sometime....Definitely looking at a post season position and that's been a long time coming.. :slight_smile:

....Trent Corney signed today....that's all of our pics...Good job Walters..the 16' season has definitely been paved with success far :wink:

Especially nice job by Walters getting Corney on a 3 yr deal. I though Corney might push for a 2 yr deal given how much he wants to be in the NFL.

McDuffy is an interesting option. They also have another burner in Patton. And today they brought back Carlos Anderson who could've been the starting RB last year if he hadn't torn his ACL and flashed some skill at returning last preseason. Options options options. This could end up being a heck of a battle to land a roster spot. The ultimate winner may end up being decided by whether they want more depth at receiver or running back on the roster.

I went to this mornings first full practice that included the vets. Couple of my thoughts:

  1. Obviously it's only the first practice but the D is clearly ahead of the offense, particularly on the mid to deeper routes. Quite a ways to go. None of the QBs really stood out IMO, each had some completions but were erratic. Nichols stood out in a bad way as he started out the skelly period with a pick on his first throw and later on tossed a nice 10 yarder on a roll out to his left that was thrown to no one.
  2. The position chart is a bit of a surprise, to me anyway. The starters, as listed today, would include 9 starting Canadians - Goosen, Chungh, Neufeld on OL, Harris, Kohlert, Shologan, Westerman, Hurl, and Bucknor. It's still early and obviously one or two of the D spots may change, but I hope this is not a sign of the team forcing more Canadians onto the field than really is needed.
  3. Chris Randle is listed as the second team corner behind Bucknor. I was initially surprised to see that. As the team went through 1-on-1's, Randle got beat a couple of times for catches, Bucknor had tight coverage and even came up with a pick. Maybe not that outrageous after all. Randle I think has some rust to knock off to get back to where he was as a corner 2 seasons ago.
  4. Other surprises were Julian Posey listed as a starting halfback, though he looked good from what I saw. Macho Harris as the starting safety, bit of a surprise as this is one spot where we could start a Canadian IMO, even though we already have more than enough. Tyler Loeffler made a heck of a play on one of the receivers in the 1-on-1's, I want to say Jace Davis?, with a grab to the helmet. The receiver was unimpressed but the play got a high five from Hall. Loeffler is listed as the 3rd safety behind Macho Harris and Brendan Morgan but IMO he's already ahead of Morgan from what I could see.
  5. It looked like Derrell Johnson got most of the starting reps at the left DE spot opposite Westerman even though Justin Cole was listed at starter on today's depth chart. There's a DE prospect in Adrian Hubbard who stood out mostly because he's a bit of a lean 255 on a 6'6" frame. Reminds me physically of an Alex Hall.
  6. Dressler had a heck of a one handed grab in redzone time with a DB, IIRC Johnny Adams, draped all over him. Ryan Smith looked quick off the line and had some nice grabs, but looked to be offside a few times. The rest of the receivers were a mixed bag. Darvin Adams seemed to be an oft thrown to target in the redzone and flashed some nice hands, but there was an earlier play where he gave up on a route and the ball was thrown in his direction resulting in an overthrow that could have been picked. Looked like Ian Wild said something to Adams on the way back to the line after that play. Alex Vitt looks the part as well and seems likely to at the very least knock Kris Bastien off the roster. None of the others really lept off the page to me, though Jace Davis seemed to be the best of the new crop of import receivers. Was hoping to see more from Julian Talley but he really didn't flash IMO.
  7. Lots of stuff going on all around and I didn't see much of the D line or Oline drills. I did see at one point looking over Rupert Butcher just shove OL Lawrence Martin straight back into the cone representing the QB. Butcher at times looked a step slow but once it clicks for him I think we could have a solid DT for a long time.
  8. I thought import OL Travis Bond would have a good shot at making the roster. Seeing him out there today I think he's too heavy. We'll see once the games begin.
  9. I watched Medlock punt a couple in the endzone. Each one was a perfect tight spiral. You don't see that often.

Long way to go but I'm really excited to see what the D will bring this year, could be quite special. I'm still a bit leery of the offense, there's a ways to go there. Day 1 though.

Thanks for the report. :thup:

.....Nice in depth Wolverine....thanks for the report... :thup:

…Nichols is really stinking it up in tc. …He better pick up his game or he’ll find himself in the 3rd. slot and outside looking in…Did he hear we were looking at Cato or something??? :lol: Glad we only re-upped him for one year if this continues…Mind you Willy hasn’t been blowing any ones socks off either…Wonder what’s going on…Preseason rust slow to come off??..Couple of hurts to report and hope it’s not too serious …Neufeld down AGAIN…I’m losing faith in this guy…Also Johnny Adams was hurt and is doubtful for June 8, although O’Shea says he’ll practice again before that date…Otherwise tc is humming along according to reports…

I knew guys like Darrin Bauming were projecting Neufeld as the starter at RT, but I didn't count him as a starter in my Oline prediction at the start of this thread for this very reason. The guy can't stay healthy, missing about half the games since we traded for him. Even if he were to start the season as starter, the odds are pretty good he won't last the season. He may be a good Olineman, but he may be more suited to a backup/spot starter role if only to keep him healthy and available.

We may have a tough time finding a way to keep some of these DBs around. Kevin Fogg, Julian Posey, Donald Celiscar have all flashed potential. They like Johnny Patrick still. Then you still have CJ Wilson, the former TB Bucs player with the missing fingers. Guy has ability but not sure he's performed well enough till now to nab a spot. Vernon Kearny, who was here last year, could be out of luck too.

The offense continues to be out of sync by all accounts. The only things that seem to be working to any extent right now are Harris both running and receiving, and throwing to Dressler and Ryan Smith. It may be enough to get us through a game or two early but the rest of the offense and the QB accuracy will need to improve big time.

Rather than start a new thread after the two preseason games, I'll post my thoughts here.

  1. OL still a concern. Goosen is off to an erratic start but we're kind of stuck now. One place we're not stuck is RT and I hope after today's showing Neufeld gets moved to the 6th OL spot and not a starter.
  2. Concerned about the O, but we're bound to be behind a bit having now played 2 games in less than a week and lost more practice time preparing for games than the other teams. Still work to be done but with the first round of cuts due by tomorrow night, maybe having a reduced roster will speed along the development.
  3. The game vs the Redblacks was sloppy but a lot of starters were left at home. Few players though played themselves onto the roster. Sheppard, Mayo and Williams I think still kept themselves in the mix for a receiver job. A few played their way off though. Carlos Anderson had a bad 2nd game and may have been surpassed by Flanders for good.
  4. A couple cuts I suspect to get down to the roster max (I think it's 9):
    WR Kevin Cone - 2 big drops on catchable uncontested balls
    OL Manase Foketi
    LB Kyle Knox - injured, they can keep him around recovering while not using up a roster spot
    WR Alex Vitt
    WR Julian Talley - near invisible preseason for the former NFLer
    DL Sam Scott

I would personally cut Macho Harris and move Leggett back to safety based on what we've seen already, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

....Give Macho the ol apple and a road map...not good enough...Cone better head to an ice cream stand cuz there isn't any room for guys who can't catch....Too bad for Carlos as Ned Flanders has sewn up the running back gig...Also, McDuffie is the real deal...he definitely starts...The o line was missing a few guys who were left at home and will certainly make a difference...It does need work and jelling time though...I don't know about anyone else but I am NOT impressed with Drew Willy's performance up to date...He did not look good in tc and continues to struggle...For our starter he is not up to par and if he doesn't get his game on track we'll be looking at the Davis or Bennett show to take over...A lot of concern here...As for the game itself against Ottawa a few guys have played themselves off the club and a few will be cut today.........One thing that is really start to 'rag' on me and that's the third down failures and making a first down with one bloody yd. to go....It was a huge failure last year when we failed to convert on third and it appears we haven't done sweet bugger all to correct it...Message to O'Shea...' draw a bloody third down play that works' ...signed 'frustrated as hell' :x

They may not have spent a lot of time on 3rd down conversions yet given the practice time, maybe they had, but ya, wasn't good either way. One thing I did notice was they basically went for straight ahead plunges behind Goosen and he was just not getting any push. With the 1 yard give between the lines, if our centre can't get any push into that space then we're in trouble.

The OL that started was the first team - Bryant - Daniels - Goosen - Chungh - Neufeld. The guys they left at home may end up starting, actually one or two should end up starting, but were not the presumptive starters. That's the biggest concern. We won't find out until tomorrow or later in the week if there's a change in who the starters are but the first team really took a big step back between preseason games, especially on the right side. I'd rather start Teague Sherman at SAM and move Leggett to safety if we have to juggle to get another import on the OL.

....True about the o line starters, 'although' I don't consider Neufeld a starter...he's one in name only and I think he gets bumped...Couture is a little green but making great strides...We have some great talent waiting in the wings but that isn't helping us now..We might have to go amerc on the o line and yes...Leggett at safety would do it and I, like you, think Sherman can fill the sam position...Walters and company have some big decisions to make and the one that stands out most is to get our o line solid to protect Willy ,and give him some time...I don't want to see him carted off the field because some guy totally wiffed on a blocking assignment... I want to see that scenario buried.. On a side note,a few people have forgotten that Keeping was a difference maker on the o line in the Mont. game...Having him on the shelf is hurting us more than we want to admit.

Just found out the cuts aren't going to be announced till tomorrow morning...Guess Bomber brass wants to go over every nuance so we don't screw up :slight_smile:

....Cuts today....Collins (surprise) Patrick (a little surprised) Cone,Robinson,Walker, and Celiscar..gonzo

Richards,Knox and Keeping to the IR.....I think we are hiding Richards while Knox and Keeping are legitimate.

Collins is a surprise to me also. Patrick not so much if he couldn't surpass Macho Harris on the depth chart this far into camp. The rest of the moves are pretty obvious.

Looks like Jace Daniels has been replaced by Jamarcus Hardrick at LG on the first team OL. It may be an injury off day for Daniels, not sure, but if not then it's 1 of 2 moves that needed to be made, Neufeld being the other.