Training camp 2013

Ed Tait's Day 2 report...

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Sounds like Buck is being pushed in some respects...good news.

Maybe in some respects but on opening day of camp on Sunday Clement did not look good IMO. Saw him underthrow or send out a lot of passes when practicing throws to the sideline. I didn't see the early skelly period, apparently there were two, but the late one I spent more time watching Buck and trying to get a look at Goltz, but when I did get a look at Hall and Clement, they were missing their targets and the defense had the upper hand. Hall did look like he connected more as the period went on, Clement... not so much. Honestly, I didn't think either of the 4 QBs really stood out positively, Clement on that issue as above. Obviously, the CIS kid looked well behind the others with respect to basics like foot speed and release. Should be a good experience for him.

On D, looked like Jeremy McGee was getting time with the first team D. I thought Sherman Teague looked decent at safety with what I'm guessing was the 2nd team D as it seemed to have a lot of the backups with it like Labbe in at MLB.

Other observation was looking over the Dline, it's amazing how may guys they brought in to play/challenge for DE positions but no new DTs. Hall is a lock on one end, Mainor has a leg up on the other spot, should be interesting to see how the 6 new guys stack up and which and how many of them are kept around.

There were two. I thought Goltz was the #4 guy on Sunday. Clement did miss a few throws but I saw quick decisions and a big arm. Hall seemed to be able to do everything Buck could do, and made a beauty throw to Kohlert for a TD.

It was only the first day but if its any indication I'd be shocked if Hall isn't at least #2.

No shortage of talent at receiver. Pierce, Mathews, Anderson, Massey all looked good. Heck I thought even Jade looked good.

Tough to get a read on the d given the nature of the practice day one, but did see lots of speed, especially at DE

Burke’s not happy with the first team secondary…

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Time for a better effort boys!

Day 2 of camp and he's reaming them out in the media? Rookie HC mistake...

Baloney. These guys aren't rookies. They're supposed to be leaders. Refreshing change IMO

Burke is supposed to be the leader. Futile waste of energy at this stage IMO. If you tear into them like this now, what are you going to do after a poor effort during the regular season? Cut your entire secondary? Execute someone? Players, especially veteran players, will tune you out if you’re this quick to lash at them publicly.

To me, if you’re unhappy at this stage, you keep the problem in-house. Tear a strip off them behind closed doors or at practice, but not in the media. It’s way too early for that sort of thing.

Burke is leading. You're wrong about your approach. No more club med for these guys. Work or get cut. Now go worry about your own team.

I kind of agree with D&P on this one. I don't like it in the media. I like that Burke is not taking the crap - we don't want to see the players dogging it like last year. But if he's going to keep threatening, he better actually cut someone or else it's just empty threats. Every team has import talent in the secondary, but I'm sure other teams would love to pick up a JJ, Hefney or Suber.
This way every time we lose a game we can have Montreal fans tell us why it was such a mistake to get rid them :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL...true...those two are like the Paul Friesen and Gary Lawless of the CFL Forum,

Anyway...If Burke were new here, I'd agree with you. But he isn't, and he's been coaching the group in question for years now. Do you honestly not believe he's already been down the 'behind the scenes' road with them?

I like the approach because it steps up his seriousness with them. Kinda reminds me of something Cal would do...

We'll see who's wrong or right once the season starts.

Now go worry about your own team.
:lol: As if you have any power to tell me where to go or what to post on. I won't stop posting just because your delicate little soul can't handle dissenting opinions... :lol:

Here's the thing, though. He's not the DC anymore, and he's not their position coach either. He's the head coach. If they're dogging it that badly, why isn't the criticism coming from Creehan or Carl Franks? (incidentally, Creehan was notorious for going off on his players in Hamilton last season and it didn't exactly yield positive results...)

Not needed, D&P. insulting Bomber fans on their board is a no no.

Maybe because he expects better results/effort from his players at practise? These guys slacking off has not been a new thing. He wants to nip it in the bud, and on all fronts. As a Bomber fan, I too say about time.

Wha? Not insulting anyone. I was giving my opinion about Burke when Kubie told me to "go worry" about my own team. I simply responded by saying that his sensitivity to criticism is not my problem.

Seriously, some fans here need to read the forum guidelines for posting. There's nothing there that gives Bomber fans, say, special powers in their own forum, or Als fans special powers in their own forum. You can't dictate what opinions are allowed to be posted, and you can't tell other members to go away just because they're saying things you don't want to hear.

I get that, certainly. It's the going public aspect that makes me uncomfortable. No player likes being dressed down in public -- to me, you have to pick your spots for doing that kind of stuff, and the beginning of training camp, before preseason games have even happened, is not the right time to unload in the media.

Starting with yourself. No ones claiming special powers, just not diggin our coach’s decisions being dissed here in our board by Als fans…you wanna do that, go do it on the main board…

Why is that so hard to understand?

The "delicate little soul" is condescending, and you know it. Please read the forum guidelines again. If your opinions are not offending to Bomber fans then, yes you can post your opinions. But if you purposely post to put someone down, then no you can't.

LOL. Let me be very clear: you have absolutely no power to tell me that I can't offer criticism of Winnipeg's head coach here. None. Zero. You'd have a case if I were insulting Burke's parentage, expressing bigoted content, or using profanity. But I'm doing none of those things. I'm simply expressing an opinion on his decision to be critical of his secondary in the media. If you can't handle that, it's your problem, not mine.

(and lest you forget, Tim Burke is an ex-Als coach. I have a lot of respect for him from watching him operate our defense for three years.)

Why is that so hard to understand?
Please read the forum guidelines. Then maybe you'll understand that you have absolutely no authority to tell fans of other teams where they can and can't post, or what they should say in which forum.

More condescending / insulting than "go worry about your own team"? Reap as you sow, man.

Please read the forum guidelines again. If your opinions are not offending to Bomber fans then, yes you can post your opinions. But if you purposely post to put someone down, then no you can't.
You're confusing two things: "opinion offending to Bomber fan" and "putting someone down." The former has nothing to do with the forum guidelines. If you don't like my opinion on Tim Burke, that's too bad for you.