traing camp tues afternoon session summary

man J jackson looked horrible in the afternoon session
out of his like 15 passes 3 or 4 of them were good. the rest of them were really bad throws. Double D again did a great job and buck pierse looked pretty good. It looks like J Jackson dosn’t even want to make the team. Event Josh Emeret looked better then him. There was another fight lasted 30 seconds. the intensity levle was very very high!!! The o-line didn’t look that great.or the d-line was just amazing :thup: Recievers all looked great! And i think the afternoon sesion was pretty good! I GET TO BE WATER BOY FOR THE LIONS ON SUNDAY!!! :thup: :smiley:

Waterboy! Congrats … maybe you will be Pres in 50 years! lol!