train wreck?

I cannot shake this feeling that this coming season will be a train wreck.The horizon seems rather barren with no hope in sight.Can you say 2 and 16?

every other team but ours seems soo much stronger then ours,

Well, it is FEBRUARY. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If the Argos think their solution at QB is Mike McMahon, can you say "Jimmy Kemp?" :wink:

The Als also will be interesting to watch as they are aging, especially offensively.

Winnipeg does not overly awe me either, to be frank. They do have upside as their QB situation is more stable than the Argos, but whether Glenn can go to the next level is an open question, IMHO.

Too early to tell re the Cats. Taaffe, Rust, Working and co. will need time to install their systems and work with a fairly young roster. Until the FA period, draft, and recruitment until training camp is completed, everybody is 0-0. Thankfully... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Train wreck? is that cause of the Goss trade? We didnt have him last year and werent having him this year. So how are we getting worst?

i think what is meant is that we dont really have a big signing something that jumps out at us. we have a lot of big releases and cuts. im not saying that translates into more losses but it is safe to assume that there is a huge contrast to the feeling going into this season then last. maybe thats a good thing.

actually we did have him last year before he quit on us.

And he didn’t say worse, he said train wreck.

It would be damn near impossible to be worse…I hope

Certainly not a train wreck but a great deal for the Cats. Why hang on to a player who "QUIT" on us? Quitting like Goss did is ridiculous. Who wants a quitter anyway? He's a joke!

Big names on that side of the sidelines don't impress me.

What impressed me was the ethics of the Minnisota Wild (IIRC) the year before Betteman imposed communism on the NHL.... they were a team filled with no-names, but they went to the Stanley Cup semi-finals.

We gots the coaches, we gots the players, we gots the owner, now we need the schedule.

Grey Skies are gonna clear up! Put on a :smiley: !

Let roast a few nuts by the fire and put a +tive spin on things here.
We've made numerous changes going into this year including coaching but everyone is waiting on the "so called" big signing....!
This is football for cry'n out loud. :roll:
1 man does not make a team and by the looks of things 2007 is going to be a "Fresh" start. We've now got a number of draft picks to use early in the draft which will undoubtably assist us in our Canuk content.

I'm happily content of what I've seen so far. Cheers :wink:

train wreck? :roll:

It's called, rebuilding.... :thup:

Train wreck - maybe, but...

if we are going to count mainly on potential this year, this is probably one of the better years to do it.

A lot was made of the lack of offence around the league last year, and the resulting boring football. The experts have been blaming the rule changes re: the kicking game (field position) or the extra two imports on the roster. I'm one of those non-expert types that think that a QB has a lot more to do with a team's success or failure than anyone else on the field and IMO it's simple - the QB situation around the league is worse than it's been in many, many years. You've got the last gasps of the last generation of great CFL QBs in decline, a couple of guys that are great when healthy but that can't keep healthy, guys that are OK but never going to be great and young guys that have yet to show their potential. Until the next generation of great young QBs develops, any team can accomplish anything in a given year.

rebuilding doesn't have to mean su*ky

we can go 6-12 and still play exciting promising ball ...

remember calgary in 2004? they were just as bad as we were, but they played exciting games, and had one damn good defense.

one QB and star WR later they were contenders.

i think what is meant is that we dont really have a big signing something that jumps out at us.
Free agency starts on Friday if your looking for signings.

You know what guys...we've tried doing big signings and it resulted in a 4-14 season. Perhaps we should give MD a chance and see what hes got up his sleeve. It can't be said that I didnt like the signings last year, cuz I was disappointed by the Vaughn cut. But thats just life...lets move on and try something different

I think I'd prefer the term "re-building" to train wreck; didn't really expect this much gutting of the roster, but new regimes often make big changes and there was the warning this could happen.
Big challenge for Desjardins & Taafe but I bet they are confident they can bring in some good new talent to mold a team in their image and they still have retained a decent number of good football players IMO - they could be deployed much more smartly than last year's fiasco of a season.
Desjardins was with the Als who have been, IMO, the class of the league in building thru the draft for years now - i bet he learned some things there from Popp - and 5 of the 1st 17 picks in this year's draft plus the possibility of some of last year's highly rated US college ball draft picks could mean a very deep group of young NI talent to evaluate and use.
This is still the East the Ticats are in and no real powerhouses; coaching in football can be huge and Taafe has been a winner in the CFL before. No need for doom and gloom at this point before they've even had a day of TC. Keep the faith - eat em' raw!!!

Thats because we cut all our experienced players
and they are playing for the other teams!

We now have a team of rookies !
It will take several years to get competitive again.
The QB is the nuclius of a team and we are in
trouble there. Unless we can sign a top notch QB,
say with a few years of NFL experience. :thdn:

Well, yes and no re the "all-rookie" team idea.

Young team? Granted, particularly at receiver on the depth chart.

Other areas:

QB: Maas and Butler not rooks
RB: Holmes with a solid career at play, Lumsden enters second year effectively
OL: depends who plays tackle on other side from Woodard: Cheron, Filice, Hage and Hudson not "rookies" either
DL: Depends on what the FA signings are at DE and DT -- Dunbrack and collier are present already, for example
LB: Barrenchea at MLB, Mariuz at OLB and Hitch at reserve OLB, the corp as a whole is still relatively inexperienced.
DBs: Gauthier is young, but most have experience (esp. Shaw and Young).
Kickers: Boreham (ultimate survivor LOL) and Fleming...

So it's not a group that is so green as to be a complete reclamation project. With the right level of FA signings, it could be a blend that gets us very competitive in a weaker East in 2007.

If I have to worry about a 34-year-old Calvillo and Mike McMahon as the main pivots for the two big boys in the East, it's not scaling Everest, eh?

Oski Wee Wee,

You know, looking back on the past season... who did we all think was going to be a contender with all their big signings and trades? Hamilton. Who did we think was going to be the worst team in the CFL? Winnepeg. Why? Because they didnt make any moves in the offseason. Season rolls around and they are a decent football team. The difference, my friends, is coaching. Let's wait and see what this team can do.

I Did Feel Same Way about the Season.
But after Talking to the Coaches.
I Really Feel we have Coaches in place to get 7 to 10 Wins..