Train Trip Questions

To anyone out there that has done the train trip thing before, my better half has been nagging at me for some more details other than "we're getting on a train and going to watch a football game."

That would be enough for me however, we all know what the opposite sex is like :lol:

A few of the questions she had was about food, is there food available on the train for breakfast/lunch?

When we are there, is the transportation pre-arranged and is there much time to look around?

Things like this are what she was interested in knowing. Any insights or past experiences would be helpful.


I haven't been on the trip but I understand there will be about a 5 hour window between arrival and game time. (and plenty of Montreal shopping to do) I've been lead to believe that like the HSR - by showing your game ticket you can get a free ride to the stadium. As for the food issue, you should check the VIA website and find some info there

hope this helps

I've never done this trip, but most of those questions were answered on the Ti-Cat show on CHML yesterday.

Yes there is food service provided by Via, however most people bring a snack or picnic style lunch with them.

The train arrives in Montreal somewhere around noon while the game does not start until 7:00. So there is "lots" of time for sightseeing.

I don't remember if the transportation issue from the train station the the stadium was asked.

i think the stadium is a short walk from the station but is up a very steep hill never been but that is what i've heard

The hill is steep but becuase it is so long it is a very gradual steepness. I walked it last year and was actually surprise how nice it a walk it it.

Gradual steepness?? Are you kidding me?? It's not called suicide hill for nothing. Take the bus.

I travel a fair amount by VIA Rail on the Mtl. route and they usually have carts that come around with sandwiches etc. Having said that, when I went on the football trip I don't recall seeing them. Eat before you go and take along a few things to munch on.

If you are hungry when you arrive there are a number of good restaurants and delis in the train station complex. Of course Montreal is know for its restaurants and there are many on St. Catherines St. Montreal Smoked Meat, really good.

With the delay between arrival and game time I don't imagine there will be a bus laid on. The walk up to the stadium is not really all that bad. You walk up University for maybe 6 or 7 blocks. Bit steep but I managed it a few weeks after some major surgery, so it's ok. Of course the walk back is much easier.

The stadium has quite a good selection of food, sold from trailers under the stands for the most part. They sell beer in the stands right up to games end. Buy a beer for the walk back to the station even.

For the ride back, grab some subs or buns, and if so inclined, a 6 packs right in the station. The players come around mooching beer so you might want to buy 12! :lol:

Thanks everyone.

Just in case anyone is wondering, the price for the train and the game is a really good deal. Were you to do this on your own the price of the train trip all by itself is $228.96. Then there is the price of the ticket to the game. Through the Ti-Cats you get all that for only $105.00

As a highly trained and skilled athlete I find this short walk enjoyful and invigourating. (And if you believe that one I will tell you all about my modeling and Brad Pitt stand-in days.)

last year i took the trip, and walked. It was a nice walk, the McGill campus is beautiful!

I'm really looking forward to the trip this year, and i think we might be able to pull out a win! :smiley:

I took the train last year and am still hopefull to go this year and I AM the oposite sex :slight_smile::

The food/drinks on the train were expensive, so I would skip it and bring your own.

There is great shopping in Montreal, even in the train station itself.

Transport to and from the stadium, TAKE A CAB, the bus service is horrible and the walk is ALL UPHILL and very painful. Getting out of the stadium takes forever and there was not a huge amount of time last year to make it back to the train, so hurry back!