Train Trip Experiance

Hey all well even though we didn't win I wanted to share my train trip experiance to montreal!! I arrived at the aldershot station around 6:45 that's where I seen pat cat and catman and patcats grandson whom is a computer wiz!! I stood in line and Jeff and Darla took care of putting things together and getting my tickets and itinary. So it was 8:00 am and I was on the train at the beginging it was all excitment and lots of talking and carrying on but that soon went to a dull roar after about an hour into the trip and lots of people were sleeping and reading or playing cards. The folks on Via were great we had a couple of the best service guys!! JOSE and CHAD did a great job as well as Vlad!! thanks so we had a couple of pops and played some more poker and played some more and sang and laughed and well 6 1/2 hours on the train pretty exciting. so at was 2:30 and we arrived we were kinda thirsty so we decided to go get a drink and have sumthin to eat we ate at the peel pub which has great food and the drinks were tasty too we let out a few oskie wee wee's in the restaurant and razzed some of the al's fans but all in good fun and they were very kind!!. So it's off to the stadium I walked straight up peel st. and well if you've never been let me tell you that hill is crazy!! so upon arrivial I seen touche one of the two mascots and had my pic taken with him!! I then went to find my seats I noticed wow this stadium is small and if you complain about your seat at IWS then her would kill ya. The view and there's no room wow montreal stadium is small and our tiger vision is bigger!! so the game starts and I try to get our section into the game with some chants and dances in fact I think I got on to there small screen!! I was pumped I thought we were gonna win until we lost!! it was a hard fought battle and because this thread will be about my trip I wont get into the game but It was fun!! after the game we headed to the train station and wow going down that hill was fun after 2 beers!! we arrived back at the station 12:40 boarded and settled in although we were all abit upset about the loss everybody was friendly and kind, a bunch of the players came down and visted with us Hitch, Morreale, Cody, Cheron, and a few others which Im sure was tough after a loss but still great people. I finally fell asleep after everybody else did!! it was about 2:30am and I think I woke up in kingston and banged my head and thought we were home but were werent at 5:30 we arrived in Burlington safe n sound and said goodbye till nextgame!! I want to thank all the ticat staff that put this together and it was a pleasure to meet a few folks from Primus such great people and David from box J boys and the Y108 crew and mike the magic man, and to the people I bugged in my train I'm sorry but it was fun!!! cheers!! I hope others tell there story maybe some of ya went sight seeing!!

thanks again Dan

don't like using paragraphs eh? :wink:

Paragraphs are overrated.

After a trip like that on the train 00, I'm amazed you could compose anything, good on ya!


People Should Never Should Never Complane about IWS Cause The Al’s Stadium is Bad…
Seats are Wood or Cement
You can’t walk in Concourse at all During half time it Too Crowed…

Site-lines are Fair but IWS is Better.

AS For Trip it long Tiring & Fun
Just did have Alot of Time to Explore…

After Game alot of the Guys came back
After a Tough Loss .
That took Guts IMO…

Ok I was on the train as well, And I must say that everything was great. Although the seats at the stadium were terrible you make it what it is. You found more friends and fans sitting there that close. I am just thankful that everyone showered and wore deoderant LOL. Great times and thanks to everyone that pulled this off. Still trying to figure out where Aldersh*t is lol


You forgot that nice guy in the Morreale jersey that bought you a beer on the way home, even though i suspect you didnt need it lol.

Had a blast, WILL do it again.

I was on the trip. Great time. Montreal fans are awsome. Very friendly and supportive. Great stadium experience. No limit on beers sales per person. Beer and liquor sales till the game ends.
If you think our bud draft is bad, try Export draft.
Everyone seemed to have a good time. Some maybe a little too good. With 200 people on the trip you are bound to have a few obnoxious drunks. Even some who get up early in the morning to be heard on the radio.
Very well organized. Hats off to the ticat staff.

lol, yes. Our next stop is Aldershit. Oops! Somebody had a long day. It was a great trip, I'll be doing it again :slight_smile:. A lot of great people there. "Is it just me or should the Allouette fan be the last _ _ _ _ _ _ off the train?"

I had a great time. Of course a win would have been better, but I think we had a great group of people. Apart from the physical abuse I took on the way back from a big bully :wink: and the mental anguish of dealing with the Magician it was a fantastic time. Crash is right 00 did NOT need the beer on the train :smiley: I met some great people and got to spend some time with a good bunch that I already knew. Montreal is a beautiful city and I will NEVER complain about the seating at IWS again. For those brave enough to have walked up Suicide hill to the game, my condolences. We took the gameday shuttle up. The weather was great. I didn't get any sunburn and I got some great pics. Thanks to the organization for arranging it and to the players/coaches and Rob Katz who came back to our car to chat with us. Especially the walking wounded who hobbled all the way back. Can't wait for next years road trip.

Here are the better pics that I took. Get well soon Jason

Thanks for the pics Tina! :thup: :thup:

lol, I love how she took pictures of all the fans while I was in the washroom. There's my grandfather sitting there with an empty seat beside Tsk, tsk! Just kidding Mom, great pics, wondering where the one of me almost falling flat on my face

Thanks to those who gave us "in depth" reports and thanks to Tina for the awesome photos!

It sure helps those of us who couldn't make the trip at least get a feel for what it was like....much appreciated!


With all your inside connections i thought they'd of brought you along for comic relief!!

Ok.....enough is enough......your past umpteen posts have been in this's clear that you are "onemoredork/Zontar".........mods?....please!

If you'd done your job properly you'd still be a mod.

Thanks for the reports and especially the pics, BG!! You got some great shots there..

man i wish i didn't have to work that thursday morning or i so would have been on that train.

Won't be long now before a gasket blows.


I will never complain about IWS again. I really didn’t enjoy sitting on the little plank. I’m a big guy and I had my knees almost through some ones back. On the good side the beer vendors were drop dead georgous. The cheerleaders had abs of steel. Where is the trip next year? Winnipeg?