Train service replaced with buses due to derailment

Per the press release below, a freight train derailed overnight, forcing VIA Rail to replace morning trains between Toronto and Montreal with buses.

I feel bad for anyone making the trip for tomorrow's game...

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What's with the derailing these days? Isn't this like the 3rd or 4th derailment in Canada this year, or so it seems. Not good for business if this keeps up for VIA.

like... the team?

That sounds like lots of fun...

In my original post, I forgot to ask folks here whether they blame Charlie, Obie, Denny, Marcel, or Bob for the train derailment.

And at first I read your response below as referring to "derailing" rather than "making the trip". :wink:

I think it's O'Billovich's fault for choosing the train and Charlie's fault for not keeping it in line. It's all about discipline :wink:

For the record, it was a CN freight train that derailed, NOT a Via train. Unfortunately, Via does not own the tracks they use, and they lease them from CN. That’s one of the reasons Via trains face many delays. I wonder if the team can change their travel options…

Don’t worry if you are going to the game. The track will be cleared by this afternoon!!

An update on Spec site, says the team, with help from VIA, made arrangements to fly out of Toronto this morning.

happens cus insurance costs less than repairs. :frowning:

Interesting beetle, hmmm.

why pay for inspectors and repairman when its cheaper to cover the costs of an accident? They just figure odds are it will be some damaged freight here and there and a few deaths doesnt matter if they can save a few billion on inspection and repair costs. Cuttin safety is very profitable.

The switches get frozen with the ice.

Yep. My father's been emloyed at CN for many years now, what beetle describes has been becoming the operating philosophy since CN went private in the mid 90s. The American CEO they have now in particular, doesn't want to pay for track maintenance.

8) I use to take the train to Chicago on a regular basis a few years ago, and I wonder if the same policy still holds true. That is that freight trains take preference and come first before passenger trains !!!!! Freight is there number 1 priority !!!!

Now the U.S. Railways make more money transporting
fleets of freight loaded trucks near to their destinations.


I would think the insurance companies
would be cracking down on the railways

if it was true they didn't do maintenance.

Ice? Christmas in July?