Train ride to Montreal..?

So my brother, girlfriend, my friends and I have been wanting to go to Montreal for a cats-als game...Last year I couldnt find anything on the site...and I could be wrong but I thought the team used to have a train or bus to and from montreal and a ticket for a certain price...I was wondering if the team still does that and if so for which montreal game, and what the cost may be? Thanks!

Nobody know lol?

We went a couple of years ago on Via Rail. 100 each way, It was a blast. We are going this year to the October 16th game but decided to drive. We make a weekend out of it, leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday.

I encourage Ticats fans to go its a lot of fun, if your going get your tickets behing the Cats bench !!

I read on the Alouettes site that they're doing a train trip to Ivor Wynne for Labour Day. You'd think the 'Cats would do something in kind for one of the dates at McGill: catch the train at Aldershot, express to "Gare Centrale" in downtown Montréal, then a quick boot up University to the stadium.

If you are even thinking of going to this game you might want to find tickets because it seems their games are all sold out on ticketmaster

There used be a way of getting information like this but it doesn't seem to be used so much nowadays. There's a series of numbers you can punch into a communication device, and as hard to believe as this may sound, it will put you in direct voice communication with the Ticats. I know you're thinking the is BS but try punching these numbers into the thing you usually use for texting and watch what happens.


If you don't feel like listening to a rather long drawn out breakdown of all your options by a recorded voice just mash the keypad and when a real person says "hello" ask them, they'll push more buttons on their end and you could possibly end up talking to the person that arranges the train trips.

There is still lots a seats left for both games when Hamilton is in Montreal, Sept. 11 and Oct. 16.

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Via Rail Canada web site click below.
:thup: :thup: [b]The Cats Claws should put a bus trip together for the October 16th Game ??[/b] :thup: :thup:

I didnt ask for a smartass answer...Not sure what peoples issues are on forums sometimes, but dunno why you can't just give regular replies like everyone else...You must be proud of know how to describe how to dial a phone number yay you must be a special one...moron...

anyways thanks to everyone else who replied...I tried calling the office but nobody answered so ill have to call on Monday...and yes i called before the dumb post above was posted...anyways...I agree there should be a train ride to Montreal like there used to be through the cats and claws club...I think it would be awesome! Especially now that the cats are on the verge of being a great team and finally taking the east division, lets show how strong our fan base really is! If not I guess i'll have to do it through ticketmaster etc for tickets being sold out, montreal hasnt sold out their last 3 games so...

Many many many years ago, I went with my parents to a game in Montreal. Since there was a bunch of us going, we rented a big car (gas was a lot cheaper then). When we got checked in, I walked from the hotel (Queen Elizabeth, I think) to the Montreal Forum to get tickets to a Canada Cup game that evening, Canada played the U.S. Tickets were 25 dollars each. Then we saw the Tiger cats play at the big O and drove home after the game.

On both occasions, the good guys won. A lot of fun.

Never been to Molson stadium in Montreal. Seeing their games on television, it looks like a nice place to view a game.

My favourite place to see a game, outside of IWS, was Landsdowne park. Being there with the leaves changing colour and the crisp cool air of fall, it felt like a football day.

I don't want to sound like a smart-ass, but since Monday's a holiday...

Figured smartass was way better than what you were gettin. Sorry you're all upset but I found it funny that you didnt just try phoning in the first place. You should just ask fans all your questions, it seems to be workin out just fine for you.

I did try calling but couldn't get through, so I figure saying its the weekend ill post it on here, cat fans have lots of knowledge of our team, so why not ask fellow die hards? Im not the 1st and certainly wont be the last.

Uh oh, since this post I've received answers about train trips (or the lack of) to Montreal from two members of the team.(email works on Sundays or Saturdays)
I know your mad but at least I read your question and know what you asked. Good luck with the helpful answers.

old fan - I may have sat next to you at both of those games as I did that same trip with my overall great sports event weekend in a great city. We managed to even take in the "ballet" on rue Ste. Catherine and have a one-of-a-kind smoked meat sandwich at the famous Ben's deli

Small world, Kicker!!!

My Dad and I sat in one of the corner sections about 10 to 15 rows up. I believe Canada won that game 5-1.

I remember Team Canada and the TCs winning that weekend (that's what made it extra special) however couldn't remember the final results. Thanks to wiki:

It was the September 11-12, 1981 weekend in Montreal:

4-1 Team Canada over the US at the Forum (on the Saturday)
26-10 TC's over the Alouettes at the Big O (on the Sunday)

train ride back was excellent....good times

Memory is the first to go as you get older.

We were sitting on the upper deck at the big O and it felt like watching a game in the grand canyon. The echo and reverb was quite loud.

That year the Als featured Vince Ferragamo, David Overstreet, Billy (white shoes) Johnson and Keith Gary. The owner was Nelson Skelbania. Als record that year 3-13. By season end, he was relegated to third string. His stats during his one season in Montreal were 175 of 342 passes completed (51.2%) for 2175 yards, with 7 TD passes and a whopping 25 interceptions (wikipedia). He returned to the NFL following year.

He currently owns a real estate company and a vineyard.

I still have this issue of SI from 1981!

David Overstreet (R.I.P.)

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson

Keith Gary taking it in the face

Fred Biletnikoff

And bonus points for the frist person to identify this Alouette