Tragically Hip - show balance of concert at TH Field

Hopefully the TigerCats can pull off some magic… let the fans in the stands view the rest of the Tragically Hip - Final Concert on the CBC… after the game on the big screen at Tim Horton’s Field

For those who aren't going to the game:

Is anyone feeling a sense of conflict about what to watch on TV that night?

Perhaps planning to switch back and forth?

Maybe even willing to miss a few plays if it's a song you particularly like?

Or heaven forbid - skipping the game entirely to watch the concert?

I have a feeling that the concert is the event of greater significance, and something that will be talked about for years.

I am supposed to be going to the game Saturday and am torn between the two. I saw The Hip Wednesday and it was the best concert I have been too in a long time or ever and this last show will be huge. But it is also the return of the Cats and Zach. The concert is being labeled as a National celebration towns, streets, parks and arenas all will be showing it how is the CFL not following suit and not moving the game earlier. I'm sure they have the power to do so.

Why not pvr it ? (the concert) Do you know how much of a disruption it would be to move the game ???

Not a chance in “H E double-hockey-sticks”. I can’t stand that band…

I would prefer to watch it live with friends the same way I watch football. I am aware it would be a disruption but no more than this seasons schedule with having to leave work early for games during the week and the lack of afternoon/noon games

Not a chance in “H E double-hockey-sticks”. I can’t stand that band…
Same here never understood the hype myself. My choice is obvious what I will be watching. Even if the Cats weren’t playing I’d be watching anything but The Hip.

I should probably clarify. It's only a dilemma for fans of both the Hip and the Cats. If you don't like the Hip, then the decision is a pretty easy one.

(I've only seen the Hip twice in my life, but I still feel like I should be watching their last-ever concert, or at least part of it.)

Maybe Zach & Co will make the decision easier by jumping out to a 4 or 5 TD lead early on so the game is not in doubt. We'd probably need 1 TD each from the defence and special teams for that to happen.

I like the Hip, but I'll be cheering on our Cats.
See ya at THF Saturday night!

Some people are making some pretty bold statements ...

Will be at THF Saturday, cowbell in hand. PVR saves the day! :smiley:

Canada will not be closed for most of my friends. There is about 20 of us heading to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the game followed by the UFC. I know a ton of people who much prefer to watch football and fights over the Hip. In my core group every guy and most of the wives can't stand them

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Let me see if I understand… you joined a football forum to post about a televised concert?

Put the crack pipe down and find some sense. Do you really feel that a majority of the Ticat fans like the Hip? Also, by the time the game is over it will already be late, and a concert on the screen would be too loud for local city bylaw.

Pretty much every city in Canada doesn’t allow excessive noise after 10 PM in residential areas.

I don’t care for The Tragically Hip myself, but I recognize that there are many other Canadians who consider them “a big deal”. Considering the mainstream press coverage this “farewell” tour is getting, I don’t think the OP was completely out of line to float such an idea, even though I think it’s misguided.

Who knows - The Tragically Hip may have been responsible for some of all the no-shows last night. They certainly are likely to be responsible for less than stellar TV ratings for the game. Between the blowout and the concert overlapping with the second half of the game the numbers may not be too good. Especially with just how many watched the Hip.

[url=] ... -1.3730276[/url]
The CBC's broadcast and livestreaming of The Tragically Hip: A National Celebration concert reached 11.7 million people on Saturday night, according to preliminary audience figures.

The commercial-free special presentation was carried live on radio and TV and was streamed live online via the CBC’s website, apps, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The TV broadcast alone averaged four million viewers.

“It was an honour and a privilege for CBC to bring this unprecedented event to audiences across the country and around the world. This is public broadcasting at its very best,” said Heather Conway, CBC’s executive vice-president of English services.

“For nearly three hours on a summer Saturday night, an entire nation paused to celebrate and pay tribute together. Thank you to Gord, Paul, Rob, Gord and Johnny for an intimate and unforgettable shared experience.”

I like a few TH songs...but they are by far...the worst live band I have ever seen. I've seen them three times, expecting each time to get better. It didn't.

Definitely an over-hyped event.

Next thing you know, Nickelback will get the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame treatment that these guys are getting.

Honestly, this post is just ridiculous. Blasphemous, almost. Nearly 1/3 of all Canadians watched that concert on Saturday. The Hip are part of the Canadian fabric. Almost everyone has a song by the hip that strikes a chord with them.

Honestly just a pretty dumb thing to say, insulting even.

Some people I know who left the Cats game early headed over to Gage Park where they had a Hip viewing party that by some estimates had as many as 10,000 people at it. This just a few days after the sold out concert in my neighbourhood here near First Ontario Centre that had the neighbourhood jumping with people excited to see them. Walking along Bay Street - about an hour before the show and there were some scalpers doing a booming business too.

So clearly The Tragically Hip - who admittedly I'm not a huge fan of - they clearly strike a chord with lots of Hamiltonians and lots of Canadians.

It’s neither insulting nor dumb. It’s an opinion. Music is like that – everyone has their own perspective and opinion. There are people who don’t like the Beatles, and people who don’t like Nickelback. I might think one of those groups of people is nuts, and the other is smart, and that dichotomy could go either way. Anyone who has seen the debates on this and other forums about the Grey Cup halftime entertainment would realize that there is no artist about whom public opinion is unanimous. Not even the Tragically Hip.