Tragically Hip Gord Downie passed away

He played at the Grey Cup 2004, So maybe This can get by Sully as CFL related.

RIP Gord. You gave us great music in a time when there wasn't much around. The live version of New Orleans is fantastic. We'll miss you !

Thanks Grover for having the guts and dignity to post about Gord... It's pretty sad that we have to worry about honouring someone good just because it isn't quite football related.

For so many of us, his music was the soundtrack to our lives, or at least to important periods of it.

I remembering seeing him live at Another Roadside Attraction years ago, and his stage presence and ability to improvise totally changed m perspective on live performances.

Though we all knew it was coming, what a sad day.


Sad news and a sad day indeed . The music industry has lost so many great performers it seems over the last few years . Sadly Gord Downie has now joined that great list of Super Stars that are no longer with us :cry: ........R.I.P. were truly one of a kind and will be missed and most certainly will never be replaced . :frowning:

I thank God that I got to see Gord and the Hip perform live at the last concert at Ivor Wynne Stadium.
It was a truly magical night and a performance that I will never forget . Thanks for the memories Gord.

RIP Gord, you were well loved and admired by so many. I also feel very fortunate to have seen him play live at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival a few years ago playing with the Sadies. Will never forget it for sure.


...Gord Downie was destined to be the one who reminded a nation, through song, how important people like Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Stompin Tom were to our identity...who will do that now?...RIP...

Anyone has a problem with this is not a Canadian. Downie and The Hip are as Canadian as it gets.

I saw them twice, both times at the Ottawa Bluesfest. I was never a huge fan of their live show, might have had a different opinion had I seen them in the clubs, but loved the music. Day For Night still a favorite album of mine and Fully Completely is one of the best albums by a Canadian band.

The music will live on for many years to come. RIP

Have to agree with all the sentiments expressed here. The Hip were the quintessential Canadian band. Last time I saw the Hip live was about 10 years ago here in Red Deer. Great show and a great band.
RIP Gord, you will be missed. :’(

I was at that final Ivor Wynne Show as well, what a great night.

I've always wondered....and I don't mean it as a criticism, but why The Hip never did any songs about the CFL. For a band that was the essence of Canadiana and clearly followed sports, why not something for our leauge? I always thought it would have been great to hear Gord's unique take on our game and its storied history.


RIP for sure

Too bad Grey Cupwasn't mentioned in one of the songs. Would have been a nice touch...


There is a song, you just have to listen find there Yankee, thank you...don't mind me, I'll just go back to cutting these imaginary onions....

That’ll do. :)I enjoyed a lot of Gord’s work; I know most of the talk is about “Grace, Too” or “Bobcaygeon”, but I think “New Orleans Is Sinking” is their best work.

....I do the rolling, you do the detail

I got to "work" on the "New Orleans is Sinking" music video back when I was at the U of C (did you know it was filmed at the U of C?). The whole band was great to work with and we all had a load of fun shooting the video.

RIP Gord Downie. "Tragically", heaven just got a little more "Hip"!

<Insert Smoking Cowboy (crying) here>

Sad day.

Was fortunate to see the Hip several times over the years.
Always a great show.

RIP Gord.

We need an "Other" forum. Miss it.

Gord Downie RIP.

We have some great up and coming Canadian bands that will continue the message...

Sheepdogs and The Trews come to mind...

RIP Gordie.

We lost a Legend.

Canada lost a great singer and good person today. Saw the Hip 3 times and each performance was better than the last.