Tragic story with Bob Young connection

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Found this link on today. Mr. Young is in the photo. Perhaps he did business with the poor young entrepreneur?

Yes blue tees, I noticed this on the news yesterday as well. I think maybe it had something to do with both being interested in internet open access, their common connection, not sure.

persecuted to the point of committing suicide?

LOL @ the conspiracy theory ..

Sad to see someone with so much potential end his life at such a young age. He obviously had some serous demons of his own and had a documented history of depression. I wish he could have gotten the help he needed.

I will say Ryan McGreal at Raise the Hammer has an excellent piece on this and he did an article previously as well on Mr. Swartz which I haven't yet read though.

Truly, a life wasted; a brilliant young man with obvious psychological problems.

Rest in peace, Aaron. Condolences to family and friends.

Did you just say something positive about Raise the Hammer ????

Oh really well sorry i am to far away to go LOL in his face about it ...

Whoa…careful there. Statements like that can bring serious consequences. Out of respect for the dead consider holding off assigning blame and guilt, ok?

Yes and I do find that some of the articles and opinions there are excellent reads. Yes, I've had my differences with Ryan and some others there over the stadium situation and have made no bones about it to the point maybe I've been a bit disrespectul to some, I will agree to that. But I recognize that the world would be boring if we all just agreed with each other all the time and had exactly the same sentiments about things.

To get back on topic though, the more I read about this young man's death, the more I really feel bad about this, a real shame. Big brother is always watching us and ready to pounce in a moment's notice when they want.

No real connection, I've met Aaron, but only chatted socially a couple of times. I knew him more through his reputation as a -very- smart guy. The picture is from several years ago at a tech conference in Boston where I just happened to be sitting beside him.
Depression can cause a real sense of isolation, and then the isolation reinforces the depression to the point of causing this kind of desperate, but very wasteful, action.
Suicide is such a waste. And such a painful burden on those left behind. If you know any shy 20 year olds who don't seem to have many close friends - give them a hug and tell them you love them. They need to know they are wanted.

As simplistic as it sounds, this is spot on.

A brilliant friend of mine suffers from social-diffidence/inhibition which emotionally paralyzes the individual and can lead to a lifetime of depression/despair whether manic or chronic.

Small sentiments, such as reiterating my sincere appreciation of his friendship, or even a genial arm on his shoulder, can go a long way to improve his morale and outlook.

It is a constant work in progress although worth the effort for a brandished smile.

Wow is right. It's pretty easy to sit back and judge someone who you have never met and know nothing about. Hopefully you never have the misfortune of suffering from or having loved ones who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression because you obviously have NO understanding of how terrible it can be. I am lucky to have a very supportive and loving family, but let me tell you after some of the things I went through last year, I had some pretty dark times. I can't imagine going through those things without support. Some people don't have that support and even those who do are so mired in the depression that they cannot see a way out. Can you even fathom how terribly desperate and sick someone must be to actually end their life?

I agree with Bob in that those who are left behind suffer greatly, but I have seen and been through enough not to judge those who commit suicide too harshly because nobody can know the demons that dog some people day in and day out.