Traditions Gift botch

Anyone else wait in line at the end of the game at the Balsam Street Box Office? While waiting in line, a woman came out and yelled out that there were only 20 posters left and that more would be available the next day.

So let me get this right, the fans in line waiting at the end of the game will now have to make a special trip to the box office to pick up a poster? Keep it, you didn't find time to have the right amount of 'gifts' available so you expect those that were waiting in line to make another trip for this 'gift'. Please feel free to give mine to a deserving charity.

Absolutely terrible planning but that seems to be the norm with this team, first yesterday's fan appreciation day botch, then today's goof along with a brutal product to watch. It can only get better can't it?

Hey Bob, the so-called customer service team should be canned with the rest of the players who are incompetent.

My son picked ours up just before the game, like they said .

Yes I went to the Balsam gate like it was posted on this website, and they were out of posters.

I just smiled and went home.

Do the Ticats even know how many Traditions Members there are? Shouldnt they have been able to get an exact amount of posters and have 0 left over?

Didn't get mine. I can't drive into Hamilton for a special trip just for the poster within the next couple of days. Oh well.....

can they not think of somthing better than a poster? how many team posters does the team expect us to have

I Thought something small, like a diamond ring would have been nice.

How about draught beer that doesn't taste like it's from the urinals. Honestly,was it just me or was the Bud they were serving from below section 7 skunky. I hate paying $8 for any beer but please, at least serve something that tastes like fresh beer.

Posters are VERY nice... we picked ours up before the game (even brought a bag with us to the game so we'd keep it nice)... wanting to avoid a line up after the game. I'm glad we thought ahead, since we don't live in Hamilton. Honestly though, if you're decorating a rec room in football stuff, this one is a MUST HAVE (I think). Hopefully someone figures out how to post a picture of it.

Oh... and you can get very nice poster frames at Michaels - even Walmart had some a while back.

That was a sad mistake they made, not having enough at the end of the game - but I'm betting they fix it quickly as they have with other errors. Boy, this year has been a rough one.

What is the poster of ?

It's a night time view of the stadium, habman, and all the players signatures are at the bottom of it. It's very tastefully done.

We recieved a phone call a few weeks ago telling us that the traditions club gift would be available before the game,so thats when we picked one up.
I could not believe they would make all those phone calls !

I will have a link to the poster available today for everyone to view. We may try to make the poster a desktop wallpaper. If you encountered any problems picking up your poster after the game I sincerely apologize. Please contact either Joe Gallagher or myself and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Kevin Walsh
905.547.2287 ext. 239


The poster is now available as a desktop wallpaper. Have a look.