Traditions club terms

After watching tonights game, the games so far this year and last year, I have a question for the Ti-Cat management.

I signed up for the 3 year plan last year. I don't recall it being a binding contract so subtract please feel free to subtract 3 seasons tickets for next year.

If there are any fees related with this choice, I will invoice you my bill for my wasted time watching the complete garbage that went on out on the field tonight.

Anyone else with me? I'll buy individual tickets to a few choice games next year but I am not putting myself and two other people through such an experiment in futility! The days of the $10.00 scalper sit anywhere you want may be back sooner than you think!

I’m with you on this one. I drive three hours return trip from London and i’m sure there may be others who travel farther to put up with this garbage.

it takes you three hours to get from Hamilton to London? dood... just becasuse the signs say 100km/h doesn't mean you actually have to go only that fast at all times...

Thats round trip my friend. And I come in from Cambridge, its over 2hr round trip.


because, (not counting the traffic jam tht is Barton street on the way out of the city) its only about an hours worth of driving for me (from brantford and back)

Yup, its a solid 45minutes for me to downtown (As I'm not right on the 403) and then at least 15 to get to the stadium and parked. Boo to that, it can take longer if you don't get out of the stadium quick!

Espo , he said 3 hr return trip .

What traditions club they arn’t going to have one next season and prices are going up :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: Thats really going to help with the team su**ing this year

Hey they better bring in Doug Flutie if they want to increase ticket sales :wink:

Goes to show you what kind of fans you are. A true fan would stick with their team through good times and bad.

I don't think Bob, in good conscience, can raise ticket prices in the Traditions Club.

If he does, I think he's in for a bit of a shocker.

Shock and Wave. The shock that Bob and Co will increase tix prices next year. And the Wave, as we wave good bye to a bunch of sad sackers.

Last nights game good like a sequal to scary movie.

With the value of our buck today, i'm might be inclined to support the Bill's next year. The beer is cheaper (cheap American beer). but they like drunks in the stands, ya like 73,000 of them

walk and wave peaple walk and wave

opppppps People. i ment people. And why hasn't jenna Elfman replaced Eldman yet. He is a poor excuse for a special teams coach that i ever seen. Lancaster wake up there is the problem also , why dont we bring in the glibermans to put icing on the cake.

It's Erdman! LMAO

But hey, I can't resist again:

Oski Wee Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The old one liner from 2 seasons ago is back...
Stay to the end, beat the traffic. :oops: