Traditions Club Gone

Thought it was a good concept. I guess that it wasn't good enough to become a tradition. :slight_smile:

I think it was getting too confusing, what year did you get them? what was that discount? Really it only works if you are RAISING ticket prices every year.

It is a great concept and I am sure it is a program that will be implemented in the future.

The reason for the absence of the Traditions Club this season is mainly because of the uncertainty surrounding the stadium. One of two things will have to happen in the near future; 1) The city produces a plan for a new stadium or 2) Major upgrades will have to take place at Ivor Wynne Stadium possibly resulting in a change to the seating bowl.

We felt it would not be fair to ticket holders and guarantee their seat location, price, ect. when one of the two options above would potentially change their location.

And they don't have to give you a gift....well other than winning football games.

That would be nice.