If you would like to call me, I can better explain the situation to you.

You can reach me at 905-547-2287 ext.251

Joe Gallagher

Thanks Joe. You actually just responded to my Email sent to you.

Of course, I don't like any price increase, but who does? We're cheap by nature...haha

$140 per ticket is not bad; anyone would agree that the $94 price was VERY undervalued. So, I can't complain too much. $140 per ticket (or $14 a game) is still economical entertainment-wise.

As long as we have til Feb to renew we're Ok. Money very tight in Dec :slight_smile:

Looking 4ward to 07.

Go ahead a give up your Box I seats...I'll be waiting there to scoop them up. I have no problem at all paying the $603 top dollar for a ticket considering this is 2007, this is a professional sports team, and considering how low the ticket price is compared to everyone else.

The key thing is that you replied AFTER K.W. clarified the question. (Thanks K.W.)
Unfortunatly "jdawg" I wouldn't give them up just to spite you! :cowboy:
Additionally the question was asked hoping Team personell would catch on that there seems to be a lot of mis communication with how our team shows pricing.

but hey, I'll make sure I wave to you in your endzone seats while I keeping my Box I seats warm.

:lol: It will give you more time to save your money to join the fun bunch in Box I.....if you're allowed!!

you dont have to wave very far considering i sit in Box J right next to you...

Curious. How many NFL games have you been to?

I've been to many NFL games in Buffalo, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit and Tampa.

I've been to CFL games in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Baltimore.

I'll take the CFL any day, as would a friend, whose had season tickets to Buffalo and Hamilton for many years and had been to every Super Bowl unitl about 6 years. Guess what? He gave up his Bills season's tickets a few years ago and still comes to Hamilton as a season ticket holder even though he lives closer to Buffalo. He's 61 years old.

Sorry Jdawg, I don't associate or talk to anyone from Box J.


I am confused about the whole thing I have been a tradition club member since day one so what should I be paying this year for BOX K per seat$$? I will have to call as my pricing doesn't seem correct.! I think its because of all my negative and popular posts!!


Please give myself a call at 905-547-2287 ext.251 or Kevin Walsh at ext.239 and we will be more than happy to better explain the Traditions Club situations.

Thanks for the post-