I would like to figure out how they can raise the prices on tradition club members when the original brochure say's what you pay in 2005 you pay in 2006 @2007. the original price of mine was $250 and now they want $315 we committed to you MR YOUNG FOR THE 3 YEARS AND I FEEL YOU SHOULD NOT GO AGAINST YOUR WORD AFTER ALL I HAVE THE ORIGINAL BROCHURE . IS'NT IT LIKE A CONTRACT AFTER WHAT IS THE SENSE IN SUPPORTING A TEAM WHEN MANAGEMENT SEEMS, TO NOT CARE ABOUT US

From this website:

"Traditions Club members (those who signed up for a three year plan in 2004 or 2005) must also have paid in full or paid the designated $100 deposit per ticket by this date to not only hold their seat but to also keep their 3-year Traditions Club status. Traditions Club members who miss the payment deadline will lose their membership in the Traditions Club. This is a firm deadline"

I assume that means that your still locked in to your original price as long as you don't miss the deadline.

Tradition club memeber prices are listed here as well, so everything's good.


The prices are locked for tradition club memebers . Those who belived and signed up for the team. Those who did not sign up and therefore are not members pay more as the prices have increased for those who did not believe.
Tradition club memeber sdont get screwed until 2008.

Because the front office / marketing group like controversy!
My question is....what if you were a Traditions Club member in 2004 - 2006. According to the new 1 year price (assuming we are no longer applicable to "locked in pricing" we are going to be paying 603.20 -$334 = A WOPPING $294 increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No offence folks but if this is true there are 2 seats available in Box I. :roll:

It is unclear as to what this offer means for 2004 Traditions Club season ticket holders, who are now entering their fourth year of commitment to the Ticats. According to the season ticket brochure, they get to "keep their 3 year Traditions Club status" by paying a deposit of $100 per ticket or paying in full by Feb 3/07.

For example, for a Ticat Club Seat season ticket holder, the season ticket pricing chart for "3 YR Seasons (2004 & 2005)" shows a price of $315.70. Does this mean that:

a) he or she receives a further 3 year Traditions Club status starting in 2007 and a Ticat Club Seat season ticket will therefore cost $315.70 for 2007, 2008 and 2009? or

b) his or her "3 year Traditions Club status" is extended for one year and a Ticat Club Seat season ticket will cost $315.70 for 2007 only?

Perhaps someone from the Ticat office can clarify what this offer means for 2004 Traditions Club members. Thank you.

I will try to explain it for our Traditions Club members.

If you are a 2004 Traditions Club member instead of paying the 2007 1 year season ticket price we have moved you to the 2005 Traditions Club price for this season.

If you are a 2005 Traditions Club member please give your Account Executive a call and we can sort any and discrepancies you may have.

Average season ticket prices have increased by $2 a game. We have the second lowest average season ticket prices in the league and the lowest individual game ticket price in the league.

Ticket holders with the last name between A-L contact:

Joe Gallagher


905.547.2287 ext. 239

As we should have one of the lowest season ticket prices. IMHO we should have the LOWEST season ticket prices after stinking it up worse than Stelco all year!

If you want a competitive team on the field and great entertainment value you have to remain competitive through pricing as well. $2 a game is a modest increase and well below the average. Unfortunately, the wins haven’t been there but remember the Ticats are almost like an expansion team heading into their 4th year. It will be a lot sweeter for those who remain than those who will come back running onto the bandwagon. I'll be staying on.

Thanks for providing some clarification on Traditions Club ticket prices for the 2007 season, K.W.

Just one more question. Is 2007 the final year of the Traditions Club program or will the program start a new three year cycle in 2008? Thank you.

The good thing about moving the 2004 Traditions Club ticket with the 2005 package is that it creates one price for Traditions Club members and one price for 1-year season ticket holder. Less confusion between pricing I think is better. With that said, I would not be surprised to see a new Traditions Club for the 2008 season. Regarding the length of a potential new Traditions Club I am not too sure. Maybe I will start a poll in the next couple weeks to gather some ideas for the future.

Go ahead a give up your Box I seats...I'll be waiting there to scoop them up. I have no problem at all paying the $603 top dollar for a ticket considering this is 2007, this is a professional sports team, and considering how low the ticket price is compared to everyone else. Heck look at the prices for Montreal...these tickets are way cheaper. But dont say, "well Montreal was in the Grey Cup this year"...big deal they didnt win, in the end we wound up in the same place they did...watching BC celebrate.

Dont worry Bob, I'll be back!!!

Thanks for the additional reply, K.W.

Sure I was disappopinted with our record last year, but it's easy for me to forgive for a couple of reasons:

  1. A lot of changes were made in acquiring both players and coaches that led to a great off season buzz and much anticiaption. Too bad it didn't work out on the field, but nothing is certain and I'm convinced that ownership tried very hard to get a winner. They've expressed their inexperience at running a football organization and are learning.

  2. The gameday experience has been absolutely terrific and lots of fun. That alone is worth the price of admisson for me.

I understand if winning means so much that you'd give up your tickets, but that's not the case for me. I love my Cats and I love going to IWS to watch CFL football. Even when the Cats are not good, I can still appreciate the other teams, their players and the CFL game itself.

I'm not going to do any loud complaining but I have not seen evidence that the surprising free ticket vouchers included in the past in the tradions club members packages are included this year. Am I misreading matters?

If not, there IS an actual overall price increase per ticket- although NOT for the specific contracted tickets.

It's an interesting matter of interpretation. Since I'm in the season of giving exams, let me suggest that this is a topic worthy of an exam.

Class.... discuss.

As a Traditions member with a pair from 2004 and another pair from 2005 I am quite disappointed that the Marketing Braintrust used a bandaid solution for the expiring 2004 members. The Cats have been damned ruddy awful (ok, did I say horrid) the last few years, with me leaving as early as the first series in the 2nd half last year. The $2 per game increase is really insignificant financially BUUUUTTTT as a symbolic jesture from the Wussycats it is ruddy ridiculous to charge any extra for an inept product that couldn't mesh well enough to be called a real TEAM. 1-17 had so much more to offer with heart and desire. I never left that team early.

One pair or two pairs, that is the question that will probably be decided upon at the last minute depending upon moves made before the deadline. If the 2 pair were at least together it would be more of an incentive, but I have tried without success for both years to get them together. Having relatives from England visit and needing a favour from the Cats and subsequently being kissed off last year by my acct rep saying that things can't be done with tickets as in previous years I am still quite pee-ed off with them. Time will tell.

Sort of does remind one of the Harold Ballard era with the Maple Laffs. Fill the rink 16,485 and send out a series of mediocre teams. I still pity Keon, Salming, Sitler et al. who deserved so much more as we being loyal Ticat fans deserve from the Administration.

So lets see if I have this right.

I signed up in 2004 for the traditions club (Had faith when few others did)

I was in the family zone for $94 a season.

If I read this right my cost this season will be $140.20?

Professional sports team??? That would be the NFL, not the CFL. After going to the Buffalo-Jacksonville game on Nov. 26th and being entertained to one hell of a game, I would have to say that the CFL plays second fiddle and always will until we can shake that bush league status. I've been to quite a few Ticat games in the past but it is nothing like the NFL experience sadly.

I agree that the caliber of players/teams/coaches are not on par with the NFL, nor will it ever be. I was simply trying to prove a point


So lets see if I have this right.

I signed up in 2004 for the traditions club (Had faith when few others did)

I was in the family zone for $94 a season.

If I read this right my cost this season will be $140.20?

I am in the same boat as you, Optimist. If this is correct, looks like we're on the short end of the stick when it comes to "average" price hikes.