Tradition Club Gift

I was in this morning to pick up my tradition club gift from Kevin. I was very impressed, it’s a collector book with all the portraits that appeared in the Hamilton Spec this year and has along with player interviews… The posters we’re cool but this is a major step up.

I also received my traditions club gift today. the Ticats have really outdone themselves on this one! I am VERY IMPRESSED!

Do we go to head office to pick them up ?

Yes. You can pick them up at the head office 1 Jarvis St. or wait to have yours delivered in the New Year.

Gotta' wait. I won't be in from Cambridge during any weekday.

The book is very well done , i`m impressed .

Hi do you get 1 book per season ticket.

Possibly explains the rise in season ticket prices

One book per Traditions Club season ticket.

According to today's Spec, you can purchase the Traditions gift book....

here's an excerpt

  • Not something you'd want all over the house, but CATPRINTS magazine is a must for football fans. Hamilton Spectator photographer Sheryl Nadler shot 33 player portraits -- George Hudson and his son at Easterbrooks hotdog joint, JoJuan Armour in Cootes Paradise -- and added her own notes and outtakes from the shoots. The publication, put together by the Tiger-Cats and The Spec, is only $10 with proceeds going to charity. Pick one up at Spectator customer service.

the full story is here

well worth the $10 and helping out a local charity at this time of year is always a good thing.

I wasn't in the Traditions Club or anything, but doesn't the "gift" being available to the public for only 10 dollars kinda devalue it in the eyes of ticket holders?

It doesn't bother me in the least! :roll:

In fact I'm pleased that the Ticats have the class to make this available to everyone with the proceeds going to charity! :thup:

Can't you just see people "selling it" if it was only for Tradition's members? And would that benefit the charities?

A gift is a gift...I enjoyed the posters...but this is a much nicer gift and I'm pleased to receive 4. I'll keep one for myself and I've got homes for the other 3. In fact...I may purchase a few more. Would the gift be worth more if they charged $25.00 ? :wink: I don't think so! It's a gift!

my two still haven't made it to Cambridge yet. Has anyone seen them hitch-hiking up Hwy. 8? Or maybe they tried to go up Hwy. 6, got turned around, and are lost somewhere near Hagersville???

...not really that impressed with the book at all. To me there is no sense of sport in it at all...artistic, yes......for football types.....kind of a bummer.....and not worth being a traditions club memeber.

Yeah, this has been discussed in another thread:

I'm with you's just strange.