Trading With Winnipeg (Don't Do It!)

First things first... is the off-season getting to everyone? Is it making people go crazy? All this Kevin Glenn trade talk... forget it. Why would we even want him?!? Can it. Forget it. Don't even think about it.

Secondly, and more to the point of my topic... lets talk trade partners.

Winnipeg ripped us off last year. Period.

Sure, it was the piss-poor attitude of Tom Canada that refused to go to Hamilton and not Winnipeg, but Winnipeg should have known about his "medical" situation and not offered him up for trade. They traded a broken player to us for an All-Star. Once that all got cleared up and settled what did we get? NOTHING! We didn't get so much as a roll of tape. TWO TIME CFL All-Star given away for a draft pick belonging to a Draft that is basically useless. MAYBE that draft pick might play on special teams one day or start a game due to injury.

So I say...

F-The Peg.

I wouldn't trade with them for a couple years.

Now... maybe the off-season is getting to me, too! LOL


Hey I’m with you Rusty; this is a Loooooonnnnngggg offseason. We’ve got mutliple page threads on nonsense like a CFL allstar game, what more proof do you need that this offseason is getting to us all.

Maybe you should give us weekly Cameron updates…

I say we only trade with Winnipeg if Greg Marshall is involved, and it's a multi-player deal, and we get some Bomber defenders who Marshall thinks can get us more heat on opposing QB's. Guys like Simpson or Lohbedahn.

I hate trading anything of value to the Bombers after the Moreno deal, but if the next deal with Winnipeg makes us better as a team, I'd look at it seriously.

But all these threads are talking about getting Kevin Glenn. I just don't get it. Lets go with Porter as our starter. Make him undisputed #1 and we'll live and die with his sophmore mistakes. Trade or release Printers and make Williams the #2 guy.

With the money Bob saves on getting rid of Printers contract and not picking up Glenn's... maybe we can sign from FA or at the worst... it will allow us to keep the guys we already have happy and under contract for a few more years.


    Good post. We need on the lines on both sides of the ball. Winnipeg is a good place to start. New coach and a new GM. Maybe they want to do some trading.

I am with you.
DO NOT trade for Glenn under any circumstance.
Too much $$$
I could care less if they trade with Winnipeg otherwise, and in fact with Marshall's inside knowledge of their roster I would encourage it.
Maybe we could turn the tables on them for a change.

My big moves would be:
Sign Lumsden
Draft Lee
Trade or cut KK and use his bucks elsewhere
That still leaves you with Tre Smith and Caulley

Then sign a left tackle, and right tackle
2-defensive lineman (or trade a draft pick for one)

I would be happy with that off season!

Sounds good to me, blackandgld.

Jesse is Jesse even if he wants to stay here. Smith isnt an everydown RB
and Caulley is coming off a significant injury and who knows what his effectiveness will be when he recovers.
Gibson has an entire off season to devise a scheme to spring KK instead of him just being thrown in like last season.
If he gets blocking and gets enough touches he'll lead , at least the East, in rushing.

Getting rid of KK means completely gutting the ground attack. A good ground game is exactly what Porter will need to keep the pass rush off his back.