Trading Folk for Ricky Bell

Well, Als fans, what do you make of this little deal?

I think it's good although not earth-shattering. Even without Folk we still have three backup linebackers in Gauthier, Dorvelus, and Botterill, so that's more than enough. So moving him is not a big loss, and picking up another DB, especially one with CFL experience, has to be a plus, now with Whitley suspended and likely finished in Montreal. Can't have enough DBs around in this pass-happy league.

Typically shrewd move by Popp.

The Bombers are done for the year and are thinking of next season, trying to trim payroll. The Als, on the other hand, need personnel for a good playoff run. With Whitley falling out of favour, it's nice to have Bell as insurance. He likely won't start unless there's an injury anyway. And as you said, we're already deep at backup linebacker, so Folk is no big loss.

I can't remember Bell's position, though. Is he a corner or halfback primarily? I know he's not a safety.