Trading a Player...

On Sunday evening the Argos announced a trade with the Bombers (Willy for Heath as the layers involved)

Today on TSN1150 Mike Hogan stated that the trade was completed BEFORE the Argo/TiCat game.

My question....would this not have made Heath ineligible to play as he was traded?

If anyone knows the protocol on trades could you shed some light on this

I highly doubt it was totally completed, or they wouldn't have let Heath play and risk an injury negating the deal.

Perhaps the principle ideas were in place not every piece.

Thanks PTBO. Interesting you comment on the injury aspect, as this was also asked by the host. I can't remember what Mike Hogan's response was but I believe he said the deal still would have gone thru. (Maybe I mis-understood)

I hope that I heard wrong and Jim didn't do anything against league policy...would hate to see 2 pts taken away because of some screw up

They probably had it all agreed to, but didn't actually send the official confirmations in to the league office until after the game.

This was discussed on Monday afternoon on TSN 1290 , Jim Popp was on and said the trade was done in principle in the morning but nothing official until after the game.

I thought the deal was done right after the game? If it was not Heath was in the starting lineup and TO may not have had any choice. But I am sure the deal was done after that game as Heaths value went up dramatically.

Did he say "his" trade or "both" trades

Mike O'Shea went to see Willy at his home, while he was watching the game to inform him of the trade according to one report...this would indicate "that" trade was completed during the game. Maybe Mike Hogan mis-spoke when he said the deal was done before the game when he probably meant the deal was being discussed before the game.

Maybe Bo Levi can tweet what really happened. LOL

What would Bo know about the trade?

The trade was definitely completed before the game, this happens in sports all the time, sometimes coaches will inform the player before the game and not play them but if the trade isn't completely finalized than they won't. Always strange when stuff like this happens.

Then wouldn’t that make him in-eligible as he wouldn’t officially be a member of the team due to the trade?

Define "completed". For rules purposes (AFAIK, I don't work for the league), a trade is official when all parties submit their paperwork to the league office.

If Winnipeg did that on their end but Toronto didn't until after their game, this was kosher, as the trade is not official until Toronto's paperwork is in (even if it's been agreed to). Would have sucked if O'Shea informed Willy and then the trade was cancelled due to Heath getting injured during the game, though.

If Toronto did submit the paperwork before the game, then he should not have played barring some weird wording everyone agreed to making the trade only take effect after the game.

Given the commish's crackdown on personnel rules, I figure they'd look at it if it wasn't on the level.