..Does anyone see any significant trades in the works...////???

According to tsn broadcastes of the last ALS./ARGO game...Arland Bruce 111 is not a happy camper..they remarked that he wasn't getting enough work since McNeal has been in the line-up...Could the Bombers use his services??? How about Sheridan straight-up for Bruce??? He'd be another weapon for Glenn....

Joe Smith will probably be moved...Rumours are T.O. is interested.

Eskimos are hurting with the loss of Tucker...could they be interested in Bruce

Riders are definitely hurting in the receiver dept...i see them making a move for someone...any thoughts????

i can see the riders getting him.

with no flick and dominguez gone for the season and fantuz gone for most of the season they need somr recievers.

but then again…with no bruce…who would joseph have to throw to?

McNeal and Talbot?

i think they will keep bruce

The riders might not have to trade if they can find some guys in the NFL cuts. Only problem is they don't happen until after labour day. Joe Smith will go to Toronto if he goes anywhere, what would he go for. I think Toronto wants more than Sheridan for Bruce.

Don't see anyone wanting Bruce.. He's not the guy who makes the plays that win you a game, he's just another receiver who can grab some stats when he's thrown to when the game's out of touch. How many TD's this year? How many drops? And most important, who really likes the guy?

Sheridan a Canuck o lineman for Arland roughly the same age...i dunno sounds like a good trade to me....especially after T.O. just lost one of their big-guns on the line to the airforce in the states... Bruce still has some good moves and hands.. :wink: