Traded 6th round pick...

Obie traded the 6th round pick to Sask. for a DE on their negotiation list. Obie says that this player is currently in the NFL but if he makes his way to Hamilton, it will be the steal of the draft. Anybody got a bead on who it might be???

Shawne Merriman.

Or might as well be. Read between the lines. OB traded a 6th round pick to SASK to allow Tillman to select a hometown QB who will likely never see the field.

In return we got a NFL play who will likely never make their way up to Canada.

Fair trade.

Here is my guess.....

I think we acquired the rights to Brian Smith. (An injured DE with Jacksonville.)

He's from Missouri and was drafted in the 4th round of the NFL draft in 2007.

He has had a hip injury and hasn't played. I know this guy was on Sask's negotiation list....I was a fan of him in college....just my thoughts.

Anyone else have any guesses?

If it is Jacksonvile Took 2 DE in The draft
So He be a FA Very soon.
Would be a nice Pickup

I thought Ken Peters said he was a Bronco.

This is the only thing I can find that Ken Peters said:

"The club traded their final pick (No. 41) to Saskatchewan for a player on the Roughriders negotiation list. The player is an unidentified defensive lineman playing in the National Football League."

Do you have a link to something where Ken said it was a Bronco?

Here are D-Lineman on Broncos Roster

96   	Crowder, Tim  	DE   	6' 4"  	275   	22   	2nd   	Texas    	D2-'07 
 60  	Engelberger, John 	DE  	6' 4" 	260  	31  	9th  	Virginia Tech  	T (SF)-'05 
 91  	Ekuban, Ebenezer 	DE  	6' 4" 	275  	31  	10th  	North Carolina  	T (Cle)-'05 
 75  	Jenkins, Julian 	DE  	6' 3" 	277  	24  	2nd  	Stanford  	FA-'08 
 94  	Moss, Jarvis 	DE  	6' 6" 	265  	23  	2nd  	Florida  	D1- '07 
 90  	Carrington, Paul 	DE  	6' 7" 	260  	25  	3rd  	Central Florida  	FA-'07 
 77  	Birdine, Larry 	DE  	6' 4" 	265  	24  	2nd  	Oklahoma  	PS(Ten)- '07 
 78  	Clemons, Nic 	DE  	6' 6" 	298  	28  	2nd  	Georgia  	FA-'08 
 92  	Dumervil, Elvis 	DL  	5' 11" 	260  	24  	3rd  	Louisville  	D4b-'06 
 97  	Peterson, Kenny 	DL  	6' 3" 	292  	29  	6th  	Ohio State  	FA-'07 
 63  	Robertson, Dewayne 	DT  	6' 1" 	310  	26  	6th  	Kentucky  	T (NYJ)-'08  
 79  	Thomas, Marcus 	DT  	6' 3" 	315  	22  	2nd  	Florida  	D4-'07 
 68  	Harris, Steven 	DT  	6' 5" 	305  	23  	2nd  	Florida  	CFA-'07 
   	Powell, Carlton 	DT  	6' 3" 	300  	22  	R  	Virginia Tech  	D5b-'08 
 98  	Mallard, Josh 	DT  	6' 2" 	259  	28  	4th  	Georgia  	FA -'07 
 99  	McKinley, Alvin 	DT  	6' 3" 	294  	29  	9th  	Mississippi State  	UFA (CLE)-'07

For some reason I thought I read that in his blog but I dont see anything anymore.

Ya I too thought I read it this morning from his blog. Maybe obie wants it to be a surprise? :wink:

Sad thing is, I don't think we'll ever find out unless he comes here.

This is killing me right have no idea.

Sorry to drag this thread out of the past, but my guess wasn't right......apparently the Riders just traded Brian Smith's rights to the Argos:

Too bad....he was great in college.

Also, why did the Riders and Argos announce the name of the player's rights that they traded in this transaction, but we didn't in ours?

Not that it's a big deal, but I want to know.

tillman posted his entire neg list last year. i wish all teams did that.

[url=] ... 04&k=40342[/url]

The Argos got Flemons back, I guess they are trying to improve the pass rush. They gave up Acree, Sask is in need of a decent receiver to replace Flick.

Thanks for this Beet. I agree...I don't see the big deal in announcing the negotiation lists. I'd like to see who everyone has. (Maybe they don't because some of them are way too long.....for example the Argos. Somehow they have the rights to every fringe NFL player.)

Anways, I don't see any OLB/DE/DT that were associated with the Broncos on that list (as some of the previous posts suggested that KP said it was a Bronco in his blog) but what about a former "BRO"wn from Cleveland:

Mike Alston.

Wait...nevermind. I just remembered there was a 35-player limit.

I guess that just means the Argos are very good at adding the right players to their list.