Tradebait Timmy.

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Things change fast.
Timmy goes from the untapped super-duper star then quickly back to the bench and now trade fodder?

He won't be going to Winnipeg.

There is no way Obie wants
to strengthen a division rival.


He was thrust into the fire too soon.

He was progressing well.

Rookie CFL QBs should not be given a start
without spending at least a year of practice
learning to adapt to the Canadian game

Getting game experience is one thing,
starting is completely different.

If we trade Chang for ANYTHING, it is a positive move for the Ticats.

Chang will not be a Ticat in 08. We are going with mobile QB's (Printers, Williams). Chang isn't mobile.

If we don't trade Chang now, Winnipeg will get him for free later when we cut him in training camp.

Get something for Chang, Obie. Yes, he underperformed badly in Hamilton when it counted. But for Winnipeg, a team with basically a question mark at the backup QB position, Chang (and his potential) is worth a player of decent value in return. Perhaps a DB like Moss, Malveaux or Bean?

Chang flopped last year, just as bad as Maas. This year, the top two spots at QB are locked up and in actual fact, the Cats are deep at QB...Williams is a starter on at least half of the teams in the league.

I doubt that Chang would command more than a low round draft pick.

He won't play a meaningful down in Hamilton or elsewhere this year.

Wasnt Chang labeled "The Future"?

Timmy Chang is NOT a Professional CALIBER Football Player, PERIOD.

As ALLUDED to in an earlier post - if we got ANYTHING more than a tackling dummy and a bag of balls for Chang then Obie should get AUTOMATIC consideration for GM of the Year.


whoa there... the kid does have some potential. He was a rookie last year on the worst offence in the league. Did you really expect him to turn it around by himself just cuz he showed up??? I really think his rookie exhuberence

sorry about that... now to continue.... I really think his rookie exhuberance got the better of him in alot of instances last year. He's had the off season to think about it... I really believe he will come to this camp with a little more realistic attitude. ie... he can't just walk on... he needs to learn and develop.

First of all, he is not a KID ... he has REACHED his POTENTIAL ... the MAN has been to several PROFESSIONAL Training Camps, played in several professional football games, and has received Professional COACHING for YEARS.

He has been given NUMEROUS opportunities to SHOW his stuff and has FAILED to do so.

His college ACCOMPLISHMENTS were enough to justify INTEREST and OPPORTUNITY ... they are NOT enough to merit any further INVESTMENT of time and money.


If there is a good him. If not bring him to camp with some other prospects and see what unfolds for the 3rd QB spot.

I'm with Meanstreak...get rid of Chang for whatever we can. He was a bust last season and was outperformed in every way by Richie Williams. Chang compete with Williams for #2? What a waste of time. Let him go now.

Right. Chang has reached his full potential after a few years of non-CFL football (cause there is no difference) and being thrown into the fire before he was ready last year.

Let's run him out of town.

cause that was such a smart thing to do with A.C. After a few years with Vegas, and the Cats he was never going to get better and we ran him out of town. He was never gonna be anything.

I'll remember that in a few years when I;m looking at his Hall of Fame bust.

Chang may not be another AC, but he still has that potential.

Oh, and the only team Williams would be the starter for is the one who want's the #1 overall pick next year. The man is a good BACK-UP at this point, and that maybe all he ever will be.

Buzz... I agree. You have to be patient when developing QBs. It's extremely rare (although it has happened) that a guy comes in and burns up the league in his rookie year. Most of the greats spent substantial time as backups and were handed the starting job only when they were ready.

I think Chang has the potential to be a good QB in this league. I’d be sad to see him go.

I don't think the Cats would get much for him. He didn't show enough last year to warrant anything more than a low draft pick in return. But, I still think that given time in the right situation, he can be developed and last year obviously wasn't the right situation in many ways (poor offence, questionable coaching, his 1st year in 3 down football, etc.).

I'd like to give him a chance.

An Argo-Cat fan

He is 26 Sill Can't Read Defence at all.
He Trust his arm way to much and throws in Coverage way to much.

Get rid of him for something.
Then Bring a 21 or 23 year old to learn.

Look back at those threads Timmy was annointed so many times even Marcus Brady or Kevin Eakin dare not dream of.

Timmy wasn't the "future" he was the present A star just languishing on the sidelines all that dummy Taaffe had to do was just start him. All problems would instantly dissolve.

Even after his spectacular failure the usual suspects couldnt find fault with Timmy somehow it was still Taaffe's fault.

Just think we're still only months away from these geniuses starting more madness.

Madness? This. Is.!

I would be the one kicking his ship out to see. I was anti Timmy from day 1. Maybe we can get a used ball bag for him. I would like to see a Canadian kid brought in to replace him.

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