Trade some, any , or all ( except Corey Holmes) of this so called awesome offence for some DB's that can cover and some OT that can block without holding ! BTW if Damon Allen was in the game this score would have not even been close as he would not have overthrown those wide open recievers !!
Yikes 17 more games to go ! Stop the bleeding now !!!!!!!!

IMO Ranek culd become potential trade bait. Holmes played great at RB today.

It's the first game folks i am certain the Cats will be ready to roll and gel. 1 down and 17 games to go.

Relax it's one game, penalties killed us, Maas looked great, the line held up, only one sack from what I can remember and it was a coverage sack. Overal, I see allot of potential and once they get on a roll they'll be hard to stop, but on D I feel Kavis Reed is out of his element, he should have known Austin was going to use playaction all game.

unfamiliarity, lack of discipline and penalties (yes, thats two different things) held us back here.

they wont be so lucky next time (statistically we were better than the Argos in all places but the scoreboard. too bad thats where it counts... Bring on montreal)

ranek could be traded as we have anthony davis who did wonders in pre season and camp... hmm...

Ranek got hurt as a result Corey took over Running back duties mostly as a result Yeast was returning punts. Ranek won't be going anywhere he was playing well until he went down. Discipline was the main reason why we lost. When Damon Allen went down we should have jumped on that momentum train and rode with it. Spurgeon Wynn in my opinion isn't that great of a QB however Ticats D made him look like a superstar

Ranek is a keeper.

Holmes is not a true running back.


This is not your 2005 Tiger Cats.


This is not your 2005 Tiger Cats.

After one game:

2006 0-1
2005 0-1

This is what matters.

Did it ever occur to you that one team has to lose?

In the CFL, it is an exceptionally short pre-season.

Give the guys time to gel.

Lighten up already.


Secondary is weak but its the CFL your going to give up some points… but lack of discipline and dirty play can be addressed. Maas first interception changed the dynamics of this game. I don’t know what he was thinking. The second also came in at a bad time. Its not going to be easy for any team to win on the road this year.

I knew this was going to happen.

It's ONE game. Give it a rest, you all sound like a bunch of little kids. This team did beat the Argos today.

I want one thing made perfectly clear to the whiners. WATCH the game. We lost because of penalties and discipline. 6 points called back due to a penalty. 3 or 6 points on an ill advised throw. That's 2 plays that would have dramatically changed the game. Yeah it sucks that we didn't get the win. But this team will be just fine.

We also lost because of crappy defensive play calling, and being to geared up towards stopping Ricky instead of the other 11 guys on the field.

you all sound like a bunch of little kids
I agree we all do.

But neither is it mature to have a better or worse emotional state of mind by watching men (or women) play for civic or national pride.

If you are proud of a certain jurisdiction, you have to take the lumps as well as the kudos.

The Cats were not a 5 - 13 team last year, but when your first win comes in August, that plays into your psyche. So far, we are not doing any better than last year. I don't care if you have the 1972 Miami Dolphins, if you blow a win with penalties, it's no different than having me as a quarterback... and free safety.

I'm not sure that the play calling on defence was all that bad. It was execution. Ricky Williams was a non factor till the end of the game when (because or offence couldn't get rolling) they had been on that hot field for most of the 2nd half. Penalties killed our Offensive drives. Plain and simple.

They played way too much man to man, overcommited to the run badly, they didn't do anything to confuse Wynn and their blitz's were all poorly timed. And I don't know why they all seemed so shocked and out of possition after every play action. Sure Ricky was a non factor, but at the cost of being constantly burned by the playaction pass, it was like they were more concerned with shutting him down instead of winning the game.

good point. they were over-committing all game.

I have a better comparison:

1998 0-1
2006 0-1


Thank you, and good day.

In summation of this thread, I would deduce that most of us are on the same wave length.
The Cats played undisciplined, unimaginative, poorly executed football with the most important of these being, undisciplined.
In their defense, they are virtually a brand new football team and require the type of game conditions they had yesterday in order to gel into the fearsom, cohesive unit we have all been waiting for since Greg Marshall took over the reins.
Lets give him and them a chance to get untracked, bearing in mind that it may take another half season.
Meanwhile, we owe it to the team and coaches to solidly get behind them with our support.
I don't look for miracles this year, but I do next year. If they do happen to win a few ballgames this season, I would see it as a bonus.
The team has plenty of talent now with the possible exclusion of the defensive secondary. Lets hope McCarthy keeps his eyes wide open to make some replacements here, but the idea of trading Ranek doesn't appeal to me at all.

Head coach was part of the problem last year, no control of players and to loyal to some players and for sure some coaches. This is something that needs to change. The OC should have been gone 12 way throught the season and at the end of the year marshell said that he thought about it. You need to make a move when it is time not next year this is pro ball.