Saskatchewan Roughrider General Manager/Vice President of Football Operations Eric Tillman announced today they have acquired non-import defensive back Leron Mitchell from the Toronto Argonauts. In return, the Argos will receive import running back Jamal Robertson.

Mitchell (6’1 – 200 lbs) has spent the past two seasons with the Argonauts. He has played in 29 regular season games and three playoff games. He recorded 13 special teams tackles and three fumble recoveries last season. He was originally drafted in the second round (12th overall) in the 2006 Canadian Draft.

"We're very pleased to get Leron,? stated Tillman. “He's a young, high character guy who has already proven to be a very good special teams player. At 25, we believe Leron has a bright future, and, as an organization, we certainly place a premium on quality young Canadians."


Didn't we just get Robertson. I actually thought he would make the roster. Also, has anyone heard of Leron Mitchall? Is he any good? I have never heard of him.

Anyways, thoughts on the trade?

Leron Mitchell is a young NI DB. He will have an opportunity to make the team, but no guarantees. The odds of Jamal Robertson making the team were actually not good. Very little chance of him beating out Cates, and he is a little long in the tooth to be just a return guy. I would disagree we have all that much depth at the RB spot, but then all we were likely to carry was one extra guy, so if the coaches are happy with the rest, so be it. And it makes more sense to go with the younger guys as back-ups. Not wanting to sound too negative Austin, but good trade.

Mitchell is a promising young Canadian who could potentially start at safety for us. I was a bit suprised because Robertson was looking very good at camp and is a powerful running back when he hits the whole. I think it was more of an issue of him being 31 and us wanting to invest more in a young guy like Quentin Griffin.

On another note, the coaches and Tillman have really been complimenting Henri Childs lately. I'm still not sure where this is coming from because he hasn't looked very impressive at camp from the other fan accounts and what I saw but I guess they are seeing something we aren't.

I guess this is another one we can chalk up to a glowing review. Just to recap...

Jamal is a talented and versatile back, He is very, very strong, plays with a low pad level and has great balance. As a result, Jamal makes a lot of positive yards after contact, knocking guys backwards, or simply breaking tackles. His ability to catch and his contributions in the return game are also big pluses. Jamal's experience in Calgary, behind the only back in CFL history to rush for 1,000 yards or more in eight consecutive seasons, will, of course, be a big benefit to him. He understands the many nuances of the CFL game, and, as such, will be far ahead of the learning curve.

I guess the learning curve wasn't that far advanced.

...or talking Childs up hoping to trade...but seriously, Childs would have to have improved vastly to have the compliments he's been receiving, in my opinion...

That was the review we were given when we signed the guy. I suspect it had very little to do with talking up for a trade.

It will be interesting to see childs in game situation.....he got press and praise last year only to fail....

Well the only import backs left are Griffin and Childs, so looks like another year for Henri....

I wasn't even remotely talking about them talking up Robertson, Mike...I was talking about the compliments Childs was receiving as of late.

And if it's another year for Henri, Arius, I sure hope he's picked up a step or two in the off-season...

sorry jm02, I mis-read it...I suspect it is talking up childs so people won't ask why he is still around....sort of like they did we shamar bracey last year.

I suspect while griffin makes the team it will be as kick / punt returner, as spot duty as running back.

Well, one of those guys likely gets a roster spot, the other goes to the practice roster. There ain't nobody else, sooo....unless we bring in another back, go Henri go....

I hope Griffin is the back-up, cause from what I've seen Childs is quite lazy and can't break a tackle to save his life. The only upside he may have is that he can catch the ball coming out of the backfield.

but he can't consistantly catch even the shortest of passes

what about the canadian kid they brought in. wasn't he a tailback too?

Mike is this possible? Robertson had a good camp. But so did Cates and Griffin. And the Riders felt they could do this. They could trade a good American for a good Canadian. Is that possible? Or can you think that way with 2 positives instead of 1 negative.

I am good with that trade, Robertson wasn't going to get Cates spot. From the sounds of it I would rather get a better look at Griffin as oposed to another year with Childs as he didn't impress last year when he was in the game.

Could be interesting to see who they have returning kicks/punts with how the riders have been talking about Dressler (may not be ready to take on that responsibility right away but once he gets used to the game he should be good with his reported speed)

As a little off topic note I do wish they would have kept Bracey arround, he seemed like he held some promise as a strong powerful back, but he didn't fit into the scheme last year as he wasn't that good at catching the ball, wich really is the only reason I think that Childs is still arround.

To be honest with you, I suspect that Robertson was brought in to balance out and challenge the competition between Griffin and Childs. Given his age, he would have needed to been stellar and almost unseat Cates before they would have kept him around.

I don't mean that as being disrepectful. Based on comments and observations of Childs, he takes things for granted. Maybe it is because he feels safe or whatever. But they need something to motivate him, brining someone like Robertson in who has experience would do just that.

Now having said that do I think we would have kept Robertson no. As I said, he would have needed to be way better then Cates.

My reason for posting the quote Austin was to demonstrate, if you read what Eric is saying, there is no way any team would trade him away. OH but wait a minute we traded away our starting MOP from last year didn't we. So scrap that this last paragraph.

This trade was a no brainer and a great move for us, JR at 31 for a non import db,as in the words of my much under appreciated friend . " running backs are a dime a dozen". No truer words have been spoken about a positional player...

They did draft Reggie Bradshaw an NI who played in Montana. He was asked to camp after rookie camp but he has been listed with an injured quad almost everday of camp. It's too bad he couldn't compete we might have seen them get rid of Henri.