brazzell for peterson how bout that ti cat fans...hopefully it helps us both

You're dreaming....Go back to bed......Lancaster wouldn't know a good football player if he ran one over in his car......This does nothing to make us better. More avoidance therapy precipitated by the lack of half time and off season adjustments. Anybody who still likes Lancaster, please don't even bother talking to me.

Man, I like Hamilton and want them to do well, but WHAT is Lancaster smoking? This is one of the worst trades I've seen in the past few seasons and a complete steal for Winnipeg. Daley gets a talented import receiver coming off a 1000-yard season, a guy with deep-ball potential who just couldn't find into the Ti-Cats' system. Hamilton gets a mediocre non-import receiver who couldn't catch water falling out of a boat -- the team already has problems with dropped balls and Lancaster thinks Kamau frickin Peterson is going to be the solution? Has he watched Peterson play this year?

Congrats, Ronnie. You may well 'improve' on the TiCats' 2003 season by going 0-18 instead of 1-17.

You have my sympathy for getting KP.......put he is a nice guy.....receiver, on the other hand, not so much...

Kamau does show some promise Ti-Cats fans and he does seem to get better. So far he looks crappy with us since we always focus on his dropped passes. You guys have Khari and Danny back there for your QB. Maybe Kamau place to shine is in Hamilton. Because nothing shined from him in Winnipeg. See you guys this Saturday Night.

we will see who does better on the field with different teams. Either Peterson will do better with Hamilton or Brazzel does even better with Winnipeg.

Last year, Brazzell was one of the League's top receivers, and Peterson was not. This year, though, Brazzell has dropped a good number of passes, and has been a disturbance in the locker room ... that said, this trade may actually be a wash.

All that happened here was changing the type of band-aid brand we were using. I question all the trades this year, the big one being the Montford/Comiskey trade. I think things will improve once Amerson is back and when we get a front four that knows how to get to the QB or at least put pressure on the QB. I put a line in here awhile ago regarding the front four and their lack of effectiveness. Not one bite or thought. Does anyone realize that the front four dictates the effectiveness of the defence? What does that have to do with offense Diehard? Simple. The front four gets pressure on the QB, makes it less likely that the big play burns our secondary, cuts down on the opposition points and takes the pressure off the offense to score 30 points a game. The BIG play has killed us this year and everyone wants to blame the secondary.
Last year, our defensive front four was in the top 3, if not tops. This year, nothing. Thoughts???

diehardticat, you don't have to convince me that the Montford-Comiskey trade was a terrible move, especially in the same year that you lost Cheatwood to the NFL and cut Johnny Scott for reasons known only to Greg Marshall. I've been saying the same thing for weeks. It's drawn the fangs of Hamilton's pass rush and let opposing quarterbacks absolutely abuse your secondary because they have all day to stand in the pocket and find targets downfield. I don't care how good your secondary is; a DB cannot consistently cover a receiver for more than three or four seconds and shouldn't be expected to on every play. The lack of pressure from your front four is where the problem starts on defense. I understand that Montford was in his option year and likely wouldn't have re-signed with Hamilton but Christ take him for one more year while you work in Cheatwood's replacement. Instead, Lancaster trades him for a journeyman O-lineman who (as far as I can see) has done absolutely nothing for Hamilton's offense. Brilliant, Ron.

We have the same problem in Montreal, only with us it's baffling because it's the same front four from last year (Philion, Megna, Stewart and Brown). We're last in the league in sacks and haven't been pressuring quarterbacks at all this year, which is why we've been giving up so many points. Thankfully, Matthews has finally started to address the issue and our defence is becoming more effective.

In fact, the TiCats' secondary isn't that bad. Shaw is a good veteran, Justin is a promising halfback, and the unit plays as well as it can considering they have to stay in coverage for upwards of four seconds on any given play.

Get him a basket so he can catch balls.