Uh oh... :roll:

Well unless the league is going to change its rules just to dump on Saskatchewan which I don't believe they will. Eric Wilson has always played as a Canadian.

While, he can play both ways, and may do so in Saskatchewan at times, he is worth more to the team on the offensive line. He knows how to block for passing....

:lol: Eric Wilson is an import.

Other screw-ups by who ever inputs the rosters on are Samuel Stanford of Edmonton and Kelly Malveaux of Winnipeg, both listed as Canadians but they really are US imports.
Anton McKenzie of Saskatchewan is also listed as a non-import but he was born in New York State and attended an American College, so he's probably an import as well.

I take it then that Mr.Tillman has either failed to sign Eric Wilson, or is he having second thoughts about him now, seeing that he is not listed on the training camp roster?
If that is so, that is really too bad in my opinion. I rarely covet other teams' players, but for those couple of years when I lived in exile in Manitoba, Eric Wilson was a guy who impressed me...
The only other players who I envied other teams having were Josh Ranek (during his prime) Barrin Simpson and Baron Miles (hope I got their first names correct) Imagine what our defense would have been like last year with both Simpson and Miles on the team? They were free agent signings, so it could have been... sigh.
Any gossip out there about why Wilson is not at training camp?

Wilson wouldn't redo his contract so he was cut by the riders yesterday. Outright release.


Big mistake on the riders part by cutting Eric Wilson!

Why is it a mistake? He obviously doesn't want to play. He had not shown up for TC to that point - no show, no play, imo.....

So we basically traded Dorsey and Epps away for nothing.

The rumour on other fan sites is that Tillman considered Dorsey and Epps expendible, so they would have been moved or cut anyway.

Supposedly, and ET made no secret of this, the guy we really traded for was an o-lineman currently under contract in the NFL that was on Winnipeg's neg. list.
Wilson was a toss in....

So we can continue to debate whether the trade was a good one, but from ET's viewpoint, Wilson was not the key element anyway.
Even had Wilson taken the desired paycut, he was not very high on the depth chart....

Is there any gossip about who this O'lineman is that was on Winnipeg's negotiation list?

Well that's a couple of weird trades we've now had. Toronto trades Stokes to Montreal for Karikari and then turns around and releases Karikari; now this trading of 2 guys for Wilson and then releasing Wilson. Weird.