I just read about the trade on this site. Is this really necessary? I mean havn't we got enough O-Linemen? I mean after Keith left, wouldn't be a good idea to keep some running backs? What does ET think that childs is that good? I mean it's not that big of a deal,I mean Dorsey wasn't the next Pringle or anything, but I'm sure we could have used him. And why for another O-Lineman? Oh well, maybe he's looking to trade some of these excess lineman for something better.

We also have Bracey, Russell, and Martyr coming in as RBs into TC this weekend. While they're no KK, they (particularly Bracey, imo) will be's likely more a question of playing the ratio, though, as we unloaded two imports for a non-import.....

The thing is, Dorsey was a return guy as well.
But we appear to now have 4 import backs, Turner, Bracey, Russell and Childs, and if we are considering starting 2, then we will likely have 3 on the roster (we carried 3 most of last year as well), plus you need a guy on the practice roster.
That means nobody gets cut?
Not exactly the level of competition for one of the key positions up for grabs one might like to see....

We also have several Canadian backs, but again, most of them will get spots on the roster or PR, and so still no real competition.

Even if KK was still here, I would have liked to see a couple more guys in camp.
We have 6 QBs for crying out loud....

This was a dumb trade imo... I mean, not only did we give DD away, we also lost Epps, and he was pretty solid as well...

eric wilson is actualy an import, but he plays both sides pretty effectively. he can play tackle, is a great gaurd, and is a decent DT

Well if he is, indeed, an import, he’s fooled the league pretty well - the rosters page has him as a non-import…

I think it was a good trade. Armstead and Hill can easily handle the return job and probably better than Dorsey. Dorsey is not a starting running back at all. Epps could only hope to be on the practice roster at best. We got someone for two guys whose days with the 'riders were probably numbered.

Eric Wilson is a quality lineman who was given a good long look by the NFL. Was midget Dorsey or fatso Epps given such a look? True, the CFL website lists Wilson as a Canadian, but there are numerous mistakes on this website in that regard... listing imports as Canadians and visa versa... So who knows?

What is it with some fans... we don't get a home playoff game in how many years? and yet people think we should keep the same mediocre talent... Having Epps or Dorsey around will not make us a championship team... A solid veteran O'line is essential to having one....

You dont think Dorsey was worth keeping? i have bashed the guy numerous times myself for fumble problems, but dude is still a very solid return man. You should check out his return stats when he was at UNLV, they are absolutely sick if I remember correctly... He is still young, so the potential is still there. The Riders should have kept him - its not like he would have been burning a hole through the salary cap.

I do not think it was a salary cap issue, nor his lack of college production but I think his days were still numbered with the 'riders. With all the quality receivers we have on roster now, including 5- 1,000 yard receivers with two of them, being return men, I think we are set to go.

I think Eric Wilson is a quality lineman and I think we are a better team with Wilson. I like our potential O'line being from left to right, Wilson, Abou-Mechrek, O'Day, Smith and Makowsky backed up by Lazeo and Frenette (until he is injured again) with Chris Best given time to develop. Mark Parenteau may even take Frenette's job but I like Frenette as a long snapper and he is one heck of a nice young man... Left Tackle prior to the trade was the big question in my mind.

I think we may have two starting imports in the backfield this year namely Childs and Bracey, with Szarka being reduced to a backup or brought in for double tight end formation plays. Childs and Bracey are big men who should be able to take over Szarka's job at blocking.

Perhaps our disagreement stems from the idea that perhaps you are a Dorsey fan and I am not, which is okay. I would feel better about Dorsey if he was taller than his listed 5 ft. 6 inches... personally I think he is even shorter.

Im definately not a Dorsey fan. You should read my past posts about him... But the man still has skills and I dont think this trade was even close to being necessary.

Eric Wilson might be potential allstar (if he was Canadian)
I have done some internet surfing on him and the thing that stands out about him is that he plays with an edge/mean streak, which is very good in my opinion.
Although he was a defensive lineman in college, the Bombers switched him to the o’line when the injury bug hit them hard and he played very well…
I think it was a good trade… Epps was probably not going to make the team and Dorsey just didn’t seem to be the player we had hoped… Granted, unless someone can play like Holmes did on special teams, none of us will likely be satisfied…

Does anyone know if the 'riders have been chatting with Troy Davis? Is he worth a look?

Troy is getting old, isnt he? Isnt he in his 30's? I could be wrong... lol

yep he is old... but I like him...

bracey looks like he will be a good back for u guys. wilson is in fact an import, if he was a non import i would be very angry about this trade. he would be one of the most valuable players in the league if that were the case. why would someone trade a non import that plays well at tackle, phenominal at gaurd, and great at DT? he would be a key player to any teams roster, and would be worth a heck of a lot more then a DE/Linebacker thats injury prone and hasnt really accomplished much and a pretty good return guy who can back up at RB.

if im actually wrong, u guys got one hell of a non import on your team, but im about 99.5% sure hes an import.

personally i think both teams got something for nothing, u were stacked at return game, we are stacked in the trenches. and really need a back up rb who can be usefull somewhere else! good trade on both teams i think

It does appear that he is an import, despite what the CFL rosters list him as, although I have been unable to find anything definitive on that..
But before you guys lable him an "allstar", remember you must walk before you run.
Odds are right now he won't even make the team, let alone be a star...
A) he has been told to take a pay cut or he is gone.
B). as an import, there is a very real chance we will play an all-Canadian line this year, in which case, again, he is gone.
C). Even if we do decide to go with an import, he needs to beat out about 3-4 other guys. Guys who actually are o-lineman, not just converts...
D). Given that ET was very lukewarm about this guy, claiming it was the neg. list player we received that was where the real value is, I wouldn't bet the farm that this guy ever plays a down for the Riders.

et wanted to move epps and DD without cutting them, so he could get at least a neg list player for them and let them retain their current salary's. wilson will NOT play for the riders this season, his contract is not cap friendly and the fact that he was even packaged into this deal is a noodle scratcher, look for him to either be traded away or released.

on a side note drew tate signed with the riders last night(traded 3rd round pick to edm for his neg rights), so this gives me some hope that there is a method to et's madness and he may actually know what he's doing... even if we all don't get it.

I trust Tillman totally. He has certainly at the very least made the 'riders more interesting, and if they get off to a winning start, he will look like a genius.

I am heartbroken about Wilson. I was hoping we could keep him. I watched him play in Winnipeg at the time and I tend to watch the line a lot at the games (big fat guys like me) I was impressed with him. I thought at the time that he would look good in green/white....

Oh well...

P.S. Both Bob Poley and Bryan Illerbrum were converted defensive linemen and both turned out to be pretty good offensive lineman... but that is far in the past and the sport has changed.

Jeez. Don't give up that easily...
It ain't over til it's over...
Conversions still do happen successfully, it is just that technique wise, he will be behind the other guys.
And as we have at least a dozen guys slugging it out for 3 spots, I'm just saying don't pencil him in just yet.
But if he takes the pay cut, anything can happen.
Nothing wrong with having favourites, so keep your fingers crossed....

I like when players conver to another position or the other side. Because they are now on the side that they needed to combat, they can watch for clues as to what their previous side is doing, and pick up on little adjustments like that all the better. I hope Wilson does take a paycut, because I think the DLine could use/needs him.

I'm sorry, but Epps is a waste of a roster spot... I'm glad that he is gone. And when it comes to DD, he also was just taking up a roster spot. He wouldn't have been starting RB and wouldn't have even been on Special Teams. We have brought in quality guys that can fill those positions (returner and RB)

I'm okay with that trade, the O-line is what solidifies everything! And, its Kent Austin so we won't be a running team as much so we don't need Dorsey for that reason too