Trade You A RB Or Other Player For Elimimian

And don't be dumb of course not Ricky Ray. :lol:

Seriously, you guys really need a running game and we have a whole stable of running backs. Or who else do you want?

But you have to give up Elimimian for any one of them.

Your offers?

we have runnings backs, we just dont have a coach that knows how to use them

how about we give you eli for your second best running back (who is that again) and your OC

How about for Porter? And no way it's a one for one trade you can't have the OC too.

We'll trade you the ALL TIME WINNINGEST COACH in the CFL WALLY BUONO straight up for FRED STAMPS?

Get Arkee whitlock he might be cheap to trade for

We don't need a running back. I'll agree Jamall Robertson isn't the best or youngest but Andrew Harris, Jamall Lee and Tim Brown are good enough it's the constant shotgun formation and same draw play that is the reason we have no running game. Eskimos keep your runningbacks we don't need em.

Thanks for that Big Two; It's interesting on why threads start in the first place and in theory football talk is thus created. Who knows what's going to happen with one of our RB's (maybe nothing) or [talks with Toronto?]

The offer remains on the table if and until there is anything resembling a running game in BC.

we could have all the best rbs in the world, but as long as JC is "running" things, it would do us no good.

There is merit in that. While I find Robertson to be the softest, steroided up little package i've ever seen, he is partly a victim of poor play design and playcalling - the OC's job.

I can respect this point and certainly Robertson's last game on the road too.

All the same guys, as you are 0-4 now and you are not getting better without some changes on defence and a better running game, how about Porter for Elimimian or any given multi-player trade?

Do you have like a man crush on Solomon Elimimian or something? We do not need a running back stop trying to give us one. And what is wrong with JC Sherrit as your middle linebacker? He seems to be a damn good player he's recorded a bunch of tackles and big plays.

Well silly me, before BC was even 0-4 I figured they might need some new players?

Yes Elimimian is just that good, and I don't blame you if you want to keep him, but he is your best player.

And yes even with JC Sherritt we could use another fine LB now with Peach out and with Rod Davis when he's back having to fill PART of the void.

I'm all ears for trade talk even if it is only talk.

And if you don't think you really need a new RB, well, then, uh, okay! :lol:

This is a great idea! Just like when we let Alondra Johnson go way back when - that worked out great too. Who needs a good middle linebacker anyway.