Trade With Calgary

Hey Everyone

From the looks of tonights game Calgary is looking for something and what better than a great safety in Shaw... :expressionless: lol ok ok I know we would probably get a towel and water bottle from calgary maybe a football if we throw in a draft pick...

But all jokes aside who do you think we could make a deal for and with what player along with Shaw?

Give them Maas (he may find more success there) and Shaw for one of their top 4 WR.

Maas for Buris!

Plus then Jason would be close to his family. I am not saying trade Jason is an anti-Mass way at all. He just hasn't been able to get things going in Hamilton and maybe a move would be good for his career.

Shaw being released isn’t tradable.

Burris for Maas is a real possibility. Both are having big troubles with their current respective teams. Management of both teams may see it as a way of getting a guy and putting him a fresh situation to see if he can restart his career.

As for Shaw, I can't see any team in the CFL picking him up if he was cut let alone trading for him. Too old, too slow.

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48-1 now!!

What a gobsmack!

wrong thread oski oui oui :slight_smile:


LOL but that is reality... :wink:

I don't think the Stamps are going to trade for Maas.

corey holems for jeremaine copeland


If Holmes is used properly, he's a better receiver AND has less baggage/maintenance than Copeland.

He's a three-way weapon. Copeland is a semi-employed choreographer by comparison.


Oski Wee Wee,

Iam sure glad we dump that Belli. see how hes hurting the boatmen.

It looked like Calgary was using Hamilton’s O line last night.

Seriously, who would want any of our players, at this point?

How about Maas to edmonton for Jason Goss and Tim Bakker,bring back Rocky Butler or go after Casey Printers.

:roll: ...

If some of you were GMs we would not only be the laughing stock of the league on the field, but off it too.

"Tillman to Popp"
Haha, yea Hamilton tried to offer me Maas for Joseph, Armstead and a 1st Rounder

"Popp to Tillman"
You think that's bad? They tried to offer me Shaw for Cahoon & Calvillo.

"Hamilton GM Enters"
Hey guys! Any clue why I couldn't fetch Geroy Simon and Buck Pierce for Richie Williams and Talman Gardner? They're equally talented, why'd I get turned down?

"Popp and Tillman"

That's creative Miller91. :wink:

That was a joke dude.You dont have to get all bent about it.