trade with B C ..rumour

The buzz came from the Sportsnet site...

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Is the word “and” a typo?
Did the writer intend to type “about?”
Here’s the sentence I question from the Sportsnet report:

“Vancouver radio station CKWX News 1130 is reporting that the Lions have talked to the Cats and receiver Maurice Mann, who has missed the last two games with a foot injury.”

I believe it is illegal for BC to talk directly to Mann. Must be a typo.

I love AB3. I have a Bruce jersey and hoped he would finish a brilliant career here. That being said, I would rather trade Bruce than Mann. Just my two cents.

I think it is obvious that Chris Williams is just as good as Mann, and that McDaniel could replace Williams if an injury occurred. So if BC wants Mann, let's fleece them. They are very desperate right now for receivers who can play well. I say we ask for Jason Arakgi or Sean Gore plus BC's first round draft choice next year, which could be first overall.

If the other team gives you permission you can. Thats what happened during the Bruce trade from Toronto to Hamilton. The Bombers also gave the Cats permission to talk to Glenn in 08 when they were talking trade but he and Obie never reached an agreement for a new contract till after he was released in the Peg.

I Trade Marquay McDaniel, before anyone else
Bruce and Mann have better hands..

Mann part of rumour is ridiculous. Who could BC possibly offer , not named Simon, that would make team give up on Mann ?
If anybody goes it'll be MM as they have already signed another rec. (Kelley)

Bob and Wally go way back and Wally was helpful to Bob when he took over in Hamilton so why not ? Hamilton probably has a good idea that Giguere will be available soon and there is at least one too many receiver on the team right now, possibly two and Mann and Bruce are six figure contracts. At this point at 0-5 a BC draft pick could end up being quite valuable.

Bruce is on the block.
He wants to play for Kavis and is going thru the motions.
Bruce has the Cats in the similar situation as when Bruce played for the Argos.
He’s just a little better at it now.
Jonstone from B.C. would be nice though. :slight_smile:

Good luck to Arland getting money out of Tillman

And just like in Toronto, Bruce goes thru the motions for a little bit, then causes turmoil, and forces the Cats to get nothing in return.
Arland is tryin' to be a little bit more classy about it this time.
You can read between the line from MB and Obie, they are very vague and follow a peculiar pattern with management that wants to retain some value for an asset that is trouble.

What proof do you have of any of this? How do you know he's on the block? How do you know he wants to play for Kavis Reed? The rest of the stuff you wrote is pure conjecture.

Who is Jonstone? I checked the BC roster and there is no player named Jonstone.

Fluff talk, nothing more. The only potential trade I could see is closer to the deadline would be Aaron Kelly for draft picks, and even then, that may be a stretch.

Most of us know he meant Brent Johnson

Im glad there are some people left around here with a bit of sense...

I don't know anything about Bruce wanting to play for KR but who in their right mind right now wouldn't want to play for Edmonton if they think they could get traded and make enough money to make it pleasing and at the same time look to become a significant part of their offense potentially? :?

Then he should have typed "Johnson" instead of giving him his Flintstones name.

I know that people seem to be forgiving of minor mistakes on the Internet, but can we not at least agree that we should all get people's names right? It's one thing to screw up spelling (everyone does that from time to time), but to get a guy's name wrong should not be tolerated.

You got a point Barney Wee Wee :lol:

I would love to see us start Bruce, Williams, Mann, MacDaniel, Stala, Thigpen, If only we could somehow reduce the Canadian content, even if its only by two,

Please just move to America already. You're the same guy that compares the stadium budget of a city of 2.3 million with one of a few hundred thousand.

You have no proper perspective on anything it seems. Try to gain some maybe.