Trade winds blowing????????

we are rebuilding... jyles showed last year... he isnt the answer. he had his chances... he sure did.. and he didnt deliver when the game was on the line... 8 9 ints yup but when did those interceptions occur? 8 9 fumbles..yup... again at the worst possible times.

Believe this right here.. Steven Jyles will never ever EVER be an elite cfl qb, he's a kevin glenn except atleast glenn has some accuracy on his deep balls. Jyles does not. starters dont take 5 or 6 years to develop.. the only 1 that did was anthony calvillo and trust me, steven jyles is not anthony calvillo.

....KILLER.....the idea here is to build our guy up 'in case' there's a trade....not point out his short-comings :lol:
But you're right...I take a healthy Pierce over Jyles anytime....BUT that's the trick ain't it...Will Buck stay healthy AND I do agree that Jyles isn't our only quality guy in our qb. stable...Elliot is 'green' but he showed me enough poise last year in the games he started, that we have another potential starter...He could easily move into the no. 2 spot even if we keep Jyles...That's why i believe Jyles is expendable...I think he wants to be a starter somewhere,,,Will it be here????Not likely if Pierce stays healthy....I do believe we are shopping him....Will we get enough in a trade ????that's the million dollar question...Mack is a good player management type guy...IF he doesn't see anything worthwhile coming to us..he definitely won't entertain the idea of trading Jyles...Lots of questions on this one...We'll see :roll:

Jyles is the be all and end all, he is the sun, he is the moon, he is the star, he is Tom Brady of the CFL. 19 TDs last year. Tom Brady only threw 18 in 2001. Steven Jyles 61.6% completion percentage, Tom Brady 62.5% in 2010, that's basically even. Per Wikipedia Jyles scored his first CFL TD vs MTL at Olympic Stadium, Tom Brady scored a wife who once walked the runways in Paris (French connection).

Your best NI in return please, plus a 1st rd pick.

Exactly. I can't see Mack flipping Jyles with so many question marks surrounding Pierce.

Won't happen as many have mentioned, if it were to happen the team trading for him would have to give up alot in return, like a NI starter (receiver) and 2 draft picks and as i see it neither Edm or Ham has any NI receiver that they would trade.

Edmonton --- My guess is Tillman is trying to trade player's that he will be cut before TC anyway's like a Lloyd, Peterson, Zabransky and Mack isn't dumb and won't pull off a trade for player's he can likely pick up during cuts. Tillman has alway's tryed to gain a player for player's he knows he will be releasing, Mack won't be fooled. Only things that i would be interested in from Edmonton is NI OG Kobongo, NI SB Jason Barnes and there draft picks.

Hamilton --- Again none of there QB's are worth being involved in the trade, only 2 player's i would be interested in from the Hammer are Knowlten or Baggs, rest i would say no thanks to!! Picks would have to be involved.

Again I don't see a trade happening unless we see a proven starter (preferably a NI) and 2 picks

And if those were to be Winnipeg's minimum demands in a trade, then you are 100% correct. . . no trade will happen. I doubt there's any CFL GM out there insane enough to offer a NI starter plus 2 draft picks for Jyles.

Heck, even Mike Kelly, as nutty as they get, only offered 2 draft picks and no starter to get LeFors. So if you think any CFL GM is going to offer a NI starter and 2 picks for Jyles, I think you're dreaming in technicolour.

As most posters have concluded, this is one rumour going nowhere, fast.

Hey Pot, meet Kettle. :rockin: :rockin:

Completely disregard this rumour. GCn11 at EP did some searching and found the originator of it was Perry "I'm always wrong" Lefko. :roll:

I just assume the complete opposite of what Lefko says.

Breaking news.....The bombers are trying to extend Steven Jyles.

oh jyles will be traded.. u can bet your butt he's being shopped around right now and if they sign mr jackson, id suspect mr jyles gets traded the day after or day of even.

Bit of a puzzler I must say.

Can Jyles be a quality starter in this league? Jury's out on that one. He showed some good things last season, and some not-so-good things. On the plus side, his numbers were certainly more than respectable. On the negative side, as Killer points out, he doesn't seem to have "it". . . be that leadership qualities or the ability to pull out a win when the chips are down.

But you'd have to say that there is still some upside there, in that he he might (might, mind you) develop into a quality starter. I'm not saying that he will, I am no particular fan of his, but the possibility at least exists.

Now, as for Jackson, he's been given several chances to take over as the starter in BC over the years, and has always been found wanting. He's never been able to take that step. At his age, I don't see it happening now. He is what he is, and I don't see any room now for any further 'development'.

So I am not in particular a Jackson fan, just as I am not in particular a Jyles fan. But if I were running a team, which of the two would I prefer to have as my #2 QB? I think I'd lean to Jyles. At least there may be some potential for growth there; I judt don't think there is any room for growth with JJ.

...I think trading Jyles for a decent ni and/ or other talent are what the Bombers are interested in doing...BUT IT HAS TO BE THE RIGHT PLAYERS....My belief is that we are dealing with edmunchuck...Tilman is a tough dealer...but on the other hand with the rumour that Maas is done there opens the door for Jyles as their back-up....Zabransky is in trouble and will likely be traded (according to the fans in the igloo) or relegated on the depth chart.. The acquisition of Jackson would make sense as insurance behind Buck IF Jyles is gonzo...I think it'll come down to talks...IF the Bombers give Jarious a decent deal he'll be in the Peg...As far as Jackson vs. Jyles...Jyles has the age advantage..i'll give him that..Jackson is far more experienced and has shown to be a better leader (not by much) than Jyles...Besides he gets along with Buck better :wink: ..Could all be smoke..who knows...we'll see :roll:

Don’t forget that Jackson has injury issues of his own papa for 2 years now he has been on the bench ALOT with various injuries, that could have to do with his age and his career stats are not very good either. I don’t get this dumb rumour and i don’t get what Mack is thinking going after a QB 5 years older than Jyles with stats that are no better than Jyles stats and has injury problems of his own, does Mack like signing injury prone QB’S? If this happens i will have lost alot of faith in Mack, period …

My guess is that Jyles won’t be traded but i believe Jackson will be signed JUST in case Jyles is not ready to go, after all if there is no up front money we can release Jackson without spending a dime on him if Jyles is ready to go. If we sign Jackson we will know for sure come TC if Jyles is 100%, i think this is just an insurance move by Mack and Jyles is not going anywhere. Fact is Jyles still has upside IF he is 100%, another fact is Jackson SUCKS, his career stats are not any better than Jyles.

Ok here's my take

We got Pierce Jyles and Jackson now in the talks

Pierce age 29
Jyles age 28
Jackson age 33
Brink age 25
Elliot age 24

my take is we are headed into developing one of our own most likely Elliot age 24 so if he's already showing signs of being just as good as Jyles at age 28 and probably 3-5 more yrs until age factor kicks in why keep him when we can develop a guy that can last 10 yrs assuming, Jyles has Value now use it or lose him to FA or Ottawa. as i see it Pierce is our guy Mack is gonna try to get out when stock is still high and by going after jackson provides a insurance policy for this year so we don't have to dip into the bishop thing again and Elliot i think a few yrs in the training field will help more than just throw him out there and learn hasn't worked too well for us in the past so midaswell train him 2 yrs give him a go next year and see what happens training camp never know

Bob Irving has said on Power 97 this morning that the Bomber's are only interested in Jackson as "insurance" because the BB'S are Concerned that Jyles WILL NOT be able to go come TC and Jyles will not be moved anywhere due to this fact. Jyles was expected to be in Winnipeg in March to start throwing, but he in fact will not start throwing until at least the end of April.